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Is Prince William doubting his future in the royal family? One tabloid’s cover story promises to tell why William will “never be king”. Let’s take a look at the duke’s “shock confession”.

The Future Of The Royals ‘Hangs In The Balance’?

The latest edition of Us Weekly reports that the royal palace has hit a “crisis point” and now Prince William isn’t sure what the future holds for him. William reportedly started questioning his place in the family when Queen Elizabeth announced her desire for Camilla Parker Bowles to assume the title of “Queen Consort” once Prince Charles ascends to the throne. “William was caught off guard by the announcement,” an insider confides. “He didn’t have any warning and felt he should have been part of the discussion.”

And now that William knows his father will undoubtedly take the throne when the queen passes on, he’s not sure what the royal family will look like when his own time comes. “He’s confided that he may never be king,” another source dishes. “At least not in the conventional sense… By the time Charles dies, it’s almost certain the royal family will be functioning in an altogether different capacity.”

Another source suggests the possibility of a “dual kingship” in which both Charles and William would rule. But Charles has reportedly been opposed to the idea. “Even though Charles needs William’s help to modernize the institution, he feels it’s his birthright to take on the role of king,” the snitch explains. “Charles has made it clear that he and Camilla will be firmly in charge, which means there will be less authority and voice for the Cambridges.”

But the article ends on an entirely different note, insisting that there are no hard feelings between William and Charles and the Duke of Cambridge is fully prepared to wait his turn. “William would rather wait for his time to come. When it does, he and Kate plan to do things their way—just like Princess Diana did,” the spy concludes.

What Is Prince William Planning?

This story is all over the place, so we’re having trouble pinning down what exactly the magazine is asserting. At certain points throughout the report, the tabloid suggests William isn’t comfortable with his place behind his father and Bowles in the line of succession. But by the end of the article, the tabloid completely pivots, insisting William is just fine waiting things out.

And if you’re wondering where the truth lies between these two claims, we’re definitely leaning towards the latter. While it’s clear that the magazine wanted to cast some doubt on William’s plans for the future, it eventually came back around to reality. We have no reason to believe William is upset by Camilla Parker Bowles’ impending title change. And it certainly doesn’t look like the duke has any intention of straying from his royal duties.

The Magazine On Prince William

But Us Weekly has established a pattern over the years of questioning Prince William’s plans for the monarchy. Back in 2020, the publication alleged William and Kate Middleton planned to bypass Prince Charles in the line of succession and take the throne in his place. And just last year, the magazine doubled down on this notion. In the updated tale, Queen Elizabeth was considering handing the crown to William.

Us Weekly consistently misunderstands a very important fact about the British monarchy: The line of succession is written into law, and it cannot be edited by any individual member of the royal family. Barring an act of god or parliament, Prince Charles will succeed Queen Elizabeth when the time comes. We seriously doubt Prince William is under any illusions about this very simple fact.

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