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Has Priscilla Presley irreparably damaged her face with plastic surgery? One tabloid claims Elvis Presley’s ex-wife is nearly unrecognizable. Let’s check in on the former movie star.

Priscilla Presley Makes ‘Vain Attempt To Fix Face’?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports fans are concerned for Priscilla Presley. During a recent outing, the actress’ “puffy” appearance reportedly drew attention. “She clearly looks like she’s had new work done, but there is no undoing the damage,” a cosmetic surgeon who hasn’t treated Presley confides. The tipster speculates that Presley has undergone an “avalanche of procedures,” each doing more damage than the next.

But the magazine reminds readers that Presley has a complicated history with plastic surgery. Presley was the victim of an unlicensed doctor who was injecting people with non-FDA-approved silicone and claiming it was better than Botox. To tend to the damage that the substance caused, Presley has reportedly been undergoing corrective treatments ever since. “This kind of silicone injection has left her face damaged beyond repair,” the expert notes. “It has distorted her face with multiple unsightly lumps. This is uncorrectable.”

Priscilla Presley Fails To Fix ‘Ravaged Face’?

This report is incredibly cruel, and it completely dismisses the traumatizing ordeal Presley went through. Back in 2008, TMZ reported that a con artist had wormed his way into Hollywood’s elite plastic surgery community. The phony doc in question peddled non-FDA-approved silicone—similar to what’s used to lubricate auto parts—as a miracle drug. He injected plenty of wealthy women and men with the substance for a hefty price, and the drug left many victims with lumps, paralysis, and even holes in their skin. Presley was, unfortunately, one of those victims.

Yet, despite what Priscilla Presley went through, the outlet decided to relentlessly attack and criticize her appearance. But the kicker is that Presley doesn’t look that different than she did years ago. It’s unclear what inspired the outlet to go after Presley now, over a decade after her filler fiasco. But we can definitely say that the tabloid’s insistence that “her beauty will NEVER be restored” is completely shameful and inexcusable.

The Tabloid On The Presley Family

While Priscilla Presley isn’t usually the tabloid’s target, the National Enquirer certainly has a history of shaming her daughter, Lisa Marie. Last year, the magazine sounded alarms over Lisa Marie’s health because of her allegedly-concerning appearance. Then the outlet reported Lisa Marie was secretly in need of a liver transplant, although these claims were completely unsupported. Obviously, the Enquirer isn’t really looking out for the Presley family.

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