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Is Queen Latifah facing a marriage ultimatum? One report says the rapper-turned-actress is under pressure to propose to longtime partner Eboni Nichols or face the consequences. Gossip Cop investigates.

Queen Latifah’s ‘Cold Feet Put Chill On Galpal’

Per the National Enquirer, Latifah’s romance with Nichols is in danger of disappearing over Latifah’s refusal to get married. An insider says, “She’s hesitant about taking the plunge.” Latifah publicly declared her love for Nichols at the 2021 BET Awards after nine years of dating. Insiders say the public declaration of love isn’t enough for Nichols.

“Latifah figures why fix what isn’t broken,” the tipster says. “But it doesn’t sit well with Eboni, who’s sick of being treated like the nanny, while Latifah gets all the glory.”

After the BET Awards, Nichols apparently expected Latifah to make things official. A few months later and her patience is wearing thin, the insider warns, and she’s made it clear to Latifah that she expects a proposal. The source concludes, “Latifah’s run into this conundrum over marriage before, and her friends fear the relationship will be doomed if she doesn’t step up and marry that girl!”

What’s Going On With Queen Latifah?

Gossip Cop cannot trust this story because of how private Nichols and Latifah are. The BET Awards were significant for it was the first time Latifah formally came out to the world. She and Nichols are thought to have dated since 2013, but their extreme privacy makes even that detail tough to confirm. They probably have at least one child together, but it could be more.

Rumors have popped up over the years about an engagement, but that doesn’t seem to have happened. Since neither party discusses the relationship in private, how can the Enquirer be trusted? No one in their inner circle would so flagrantly betray their trust by snitching to such a sketchy outlet.

A Bad Track Record

This is just another case of the Enquirer refusing to accept anything but a traditional relationship. It can’t stand when folks commit to each other without a wedding. It’s targeted Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn numerous times just because they don’t want to get married. The two have made it clear for decades that they are not interested in marriage, yet the stories still come out.

Another person dogged by marriage rumors is Taylor Swift. This outlet claims she’s anxious to walk down the aisle, but in reality, she’s just enjoying the ride with Joe Alwyn. Latifah and Nichols obviously have a relationship that works or they wouldn’t have dated for this long, and Latifah definitely would not have mentioned her at the BET Awards if a split was imminent. This story is a whole lot of nothing.

Source: This post first appeared on https://www.suggest.com/feed/

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