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The press has been publicly analyzing the British royal family for years, trying to figure out what exactly makes them tick. A royal expert and former courtier is shedding some light on Prince William’s alleged “short fuse” in an upcoming book. 

Royal Expert Claims William And Harry Have ‘Extreme Mood Swings’

Robert Jobson recently spoke with the Daily Mail about William and his brother, Prince Harry. According to the royal insider, the brothers are both known for their tempers; a character trait they reportedly inherited from their mother, the late Princess Diana

“In private, the Duke of Cambridge has a notably short fuse,” Jobson explained. “His fiery temper can blow up at any time—usually when he’s frustrated or when it comes to issues regarding his family.”

He continued, “Even senior members of his circle will ‘check which way the wind is blowing’ before becoming too self-assured in his presence or raising problematic issues that might be better addressed at another time.”

“[William and Harry] both have quite extreme mood swings, just as Diana did,” Jobson claimed. “She could be your best friend one minute and the next your worst enemy.”

How Kate Middleton Helps Keep The Peace

While Jobson claims the brothers have fiery tempers, the public has never seen evidence of this firsthand—but according to him, Kate Middleton knows all about it. According to the royal expert, Middleton often steps in as a mediator for William and Harry, using her “deft and diplomatic touch” to defuse tensions. 

The Duchess of Cambridge might have to put those mediation skills to work soon. It’s been rumored that Harry is looking to mend fences with the rest of the royals, and is even going so far as to suggest using a mediator to help deal with any drama. However, an inside source suggests that Middleton should be the one to help keep the peace between family members.

“If anyone can bring peace to the royals, Kate can,” the source told Express. Kate is a brilliant arbiter and peacemaker. Every bone in her body is about making friends and doing the best she can … she is trying to mediate.”

William and Harry’s short tempers might explain why the brothers have been having such a hard time seeing eye to eye lately, but hopefully, Middleton can help the pair figure out a way to repair their relationship.

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