Is Prince Andrew asking Queen Elizabeth to testify on his behalf in his impending trial? One tabloid claims the Duke of York is dragging his mother into his legal troubles. Here’s the latest on the lawsuit against Prince Andrew.

Queen Elizabeth ‘Dragged Into Court Battle’ By Prince Andrew?

This week, Woman’s Day reports Prince Andrew won’t be the only royal called upon in Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit. Apparently, Andrew may end up asking Queen Elizabeth herself to testify for him. “There is no end to what Andrew is asking of her,” an insider spills. “He’s even mentioned it might help him if she waives her sovereign immunity and takes the stand in his defense if the case proceeds to trial.”

And now, the queen is in an extremely precarious position. “She has accepted there is no coming back from this for Andrew in a royal sense, and discussions are being held over what his future within the family looks like, regardless of the court outcome. Nothing is off the table, including stripping him of his dukedom and his military affiliations,” the tipster explains. But even though Andrew’s royal status has been irreparably tarnished, the queen may be compelled to testify as his mother.

“As a mother, she feels she should stand by him on a personal level,” the snitch whispers. “Andrew has always held a certain power over the queen — he’s her favorite child, that’s no secret — and she is, to a point, blinded by that love and would do anything for him, possibly including standing up for him in court, if he asked her — even if her entire royal advisory team begged her not to.”

Is Queen Elizabeth Planning To Take The Stand?

While it isn’t impossible for Queen Elizabeth to assist Andrew’s legal team, it’s highly unlikely. First of all, the queen hasn’t made any comments about the accusations against Andrew. Given her silence on the matter, it’s safe to say she’s probably keeping her distance from her son’s legal troubles. Furthermore, it’s unclear what her testimony would aim to accomplish other than whipping up a media frenzy. It’s typical for royals to steer clear of controversy, and a move like this would only incite it.

Besides, this is all just speculation. According to the report, Andrew hasn’t even formally asked the queen to testify for him, and she certainly hasn’t agreed to anything. And notably, Andrew’s legal team is reportedly still hoping the case will be thrown out before it ever goes to trial. All of this gossip about outlandish “what if?” scenarios only muddies the waters. So, for now, all we can do is wait things out and see how the case against Andrew progresses.

The Tabloid On The Royals

We know better than to trust anything Woman’s Day writes about the British Royal Family. Not long ago, the magazine claimed Charles’ health was faltering, jeopardizing his chance to take the throne. Then the outlet reported Prince Harry was ignoring Charles’ attempts to reconcile. And most recently, the publication alleged the queen was moving in with Prince William and Kate Middleton. Clearly, Woman’s Day isn’t reliable when it comes to the royals.

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