Did Prince Philip cut most of his family out of his will? Earlier this year, one tabloid claimed the prince’s last will and testament was sealed away to save the family from embarrassment. Here’s what we know about Prince Philips’ dying wishes.

‘Vengeful’ Prince Philip ‘Settles Scores’ With His Family?

As 2021 came to an end, the Globe took a look back at some of its most outrageous stories from the year. One of these stories accused the late Prince Philip of exacting revenge “from beyond the grave.” According to the report, the Duke of Edinburgh never had any intention of leaving his riches to the relatives that disappointed him. Those scorned by the Duke included Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, and even Queen Elizabeth II.

“He considered his son Charles a whining wimp,” an insider explained. “He was incensed Charles’ affair with Camilla doomed his marriage to Princess Diana — not so much the cheating, but getting caught!” He also “washed his hands” of Prince Andrew shortly after his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein came to light.

The duke also had no love left for his “henpecked” grandson, Prince Harry, and his “diva” wife, Meghan Markle. “Philip was disgusted they abandoned their royal duties, moved to America and then branded the monarchy a racist, uncaring institution in a bombshell TV interview,” the source confided. But the one with the most to lose from Philip’s will getting out is his wife, Queen Elizabeth.

Apparently, instead of bestowing all his riches onto his devoted wife, the “lifelong womanizer” set aside some of his wealth for his many mistresses. Once the queen found out, she ordered the will to be sealed from prying eyes. “Sealing the will protects Her Majesty from so much humiliation,” the insider confessed. “The last thing she needs at 95, as she battles her own serious health crises, is Philip’s dirty laundry being aired in public.”

Prince Philip ‘Stunned The Royals’ With Secret Will?

We debunked this story back in October when it was originally published, but there’s no harm in checking back in on its ridiculous claims. But three months later, there still isn’t any evidence to support this story. First of all, it’s hard to believe these testaments are coming from anyone truly close to the royals. Just as the magazine noted, Philip’s will has been sealed from the public by an executor who hasn’t even seen the document himself. Whatever Philip wrote won’t be known to the public for another 90 years at the very least.

So, was this random tabloid privy to some of the most classified information in the UK? Or was someone lying? Our guess is that someone decided to drag the Duke of Edinburgh’s name through the dirt even though he isn’t around to defend himself. We have no reason to believe a word of this shameful story. While we have absolutely no way of knowing what’s in his will, we’re certain that this tabloid doesn’t either.

The Tabloid On Queen Elizabeth

This wouldn’t be the first time the Globe spread baseless rumors about Queen Elizabeth. Last year, the magazine claimed the monarch was going bankrupt. Then the tabloid alleged she demoted Camilla Parker Bowles. The publication even reported she had called off Scotland Yard’s investigation into Prince Andrew. Obviously, the Globe is far from trustworthy when it comes to Her Majesty.

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