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Sarah Jessica Parker is a huge star, appearing in hit TV shows and blockbuster movies alike. However, a recent throwback picture of the actress reminded many fans that Parker got her start on Broadway, and even she was surprised by the post. 

Parker Gets ‘Sentimental And Weepy’ Over Throwback Post

An Instagram account called Bygone Broadway posts pictures of classic Broadway shows and the actors who starred in them, complete with behind-the-scenes looks at fans’ favorite shows and musicals. 

They recently posted a picture of a young Parker at a costume fitting for Annie, one of her first big roles. The caption read, “Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Paulsgrove at a costume fitting for ANNIE at Barbara Matera Ltd. at 890 Broadway in 1979.”

Fans loved the throwback photo of Parker, and the actress even commented on the post. “Oh my goodness!!!! @jbenhickey forwarded me this post,” she wrote. “Oh I’m so thrilled to see this photo.”

“I’ve no idea why this fitting was documented but I’m so grateful Mr. Leonardo did so. Makes me very sentimental and weepy,” she continued. “Took place at 890 Broadway. Barbara Matteras workroom. Those are my personal knee-hi’s and shoes. Gosh, thanks for unearthing! X, SJ.”

Fans filled the comment section with love for the picture and surprise that the Sex and the City star was once on Broadway. “I never knew she played this role,” one fan wrote. Another joked, “SJP remembers the address of a fitting 43 years ago and I can’t remember where my keys are when they’re in my pocket. Cool cool.”

SJP’s Impressive Acting Career

Parker started acting when she was very young, including a supporting role in Annie. She was later chosen to take on the starring role, which helped her career to get off the ground. From there, Parker started working in film and TV, appearing in hits like Footloose, Honeymoon in Vegas, and Hocus Pocus

In 1998, Parker was cast as Carrie Bradshaw in the now-iconic Sex and the City. She has continued to appear in hit movies, like The Family Stone and two Sex and the City movies. Parker took up her role as Bradshaw again earlier this year, with And Just Like That…

The actress has also continued appearing onstage; most recently, in Plaza Suite, alongside fellow ’90s star and husband Matthew Broderick. The couple has been married since 1997. Parker has had a long and varied acting career, and this latest throwback Instagram post proves just how far the actress has come. 

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