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It’s no secret the pandemic was hard on almost everybody, including some celebrities. Last year, one tabloid claimed Sarah Jessica Parker struggled for cash during the pandemic, forcing her to sell her house and even shoes. Today, Gossip Cop is looking back to see the status of Parker’s financials during the pandemic. 

Sarah Jessica Parker Is ‘A Financial Victim’? 

About a year ago, Woman’s Day alleged Sarah Jessica Parker was in serious financial hardship. In fact, the magazine noted Parker was “swapping the glamorous acting life for a more humble one — selling shoes.” That’s right. Apparently, the Ed Wood star was “frequently spotted helping customers” at her Manhattan store. Because Parker usually never attended the store, fans thought she was a “financial victim of COVID.” 

The tabloid noted Parker’s HBO show, Divorce, had been canceled after three years, and her Broadway show was also delayed. On top of all that, Parker sold her “townhouse of 20 years for a reported $20.5 million.” According to the magazine, Parker had to have been “strapped for cash” and needed money fast if she was willing to sell her home. 

So…Is Sarah Jessica Parker Broke Now?

When Gossip Cop first took a look at this narrative, it was honestly too easy to discredit. So, today nothing has changed. In fact, the tabloid itself almost debunks its own story with all the facts it presents on Parker’s life. 

For example, the actress wrapped up a three-year stint on HBO, sold her house for millions, and had a Broadway play to look forward to. It’s pretty apparent she wasn’t “strapped for cash.” 

As we previously noted, Woman’s Day simply took one piece of evidence from Daily Mail and completely twisted the story. At the time, Daily Mail reported that Parker was indeed spotted at her Manhattan store helping customers — not because she needed the money, but because she got caught up helping customers. 

Additionally, a spokesperson for Parker confirmed with Gossip Cop that the story was entirely “false.” With all this evidence, we feel pretty confident claiming this story was (and still is) bogus. 

This wasn’t the first time Woman’s Day published a completely bogus story about Sarah Jessica Parker. This summer, the tabloid claimed Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, were on the verge of a breakup. An insider said Parker “goes into ‘boss mode’” every time she starts a new project and “brings it home.” Again, the narrative had zero reliable evidence to back it up, making it effortless to debunk it.  

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