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Is Hoda Kotb giving Savannah Guthrie the silent treatment? One tabloid claims the Today show anchors are not friends behind the scenes. Here’s what we know.

Hoda Kotb On Her Way Out Of ‘Today’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Hoda Kotb is getting fed up with Savannah Guthrie’s “controlling” behavior at Today. Kotb recently recorded her last episode of her SiriusXM radio show, and sources say she may be saying goodbye to Today next—all because of Guthrie. Kotb and Guthrie may act like besties for the cameras, but they apparently can’t stand each other behind the scenes. “Hoda tried very hard to be friends with Savannah,” an insider admits. “But Savannah would rather hang out with Jenna Bush.”

‘No Love Lost’ Between Kotb And Guthrie?

We’re truly mystified as to why this tabloid keeps pitting Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb against each other. We’ve covered countless stories similar to this one, but each and every one of them is totally disconnected from reality. Both Kotb and Guthrie have gushed over each other on multiple occasions, and they’ve made it clear that their off-screen friendship runs just as deep as the one they share on-screen.

Back in 2018, Guthrie and Kotb sat down with Guthrie and Kotb sat down with Parade for an interview all about their friendship. Throughout the interview, they talked about how they met years ago, became co-workers, and are now “like sisters.” It doesn’t seem like that sentiment hasn’t changed over the last four years, so it baffles us why so many reports insist that it has.

As recent as last month, Kotb and Guthrie appeared on The Tonight Show together, and their genuine friendship was on full display. While we’re sure Kotb and Guthrie know how to turn it on for the cameras, there’s just no faking that kind of chemistry. On the show, the pair even brought out guitars and gave an impromptu performance of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

The Tabloid On Savannah Guthrie And Hoda Kotb

Back in January, the National Enquirer reported the Today show was “ripped apart” by Kotb and Guthrie. Then the same outlet claimed Guthrie was controlling the program “like a tyrant” and pushing Kotb out. Then the publication reported Guthrie was talking trash about Kotb behind the scenes. And more recently, the magazine claimed Guthrie didn’t have any friends at Today. Clearly, the Enquirer has narrow-mindedly been pushing this ridiculous narrative for ages now, and it can’t be trusted on the matter.

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