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Is Sean Hannity worried Tucker Carlson is going to push him out of FOX News? One tabloid claims Carlson is slowly gaining control of the network, and Carlson’s job may not be safe. Here’s the latest FOX News gossip.

Tucker Carlson Becoming ‘New King Of TV News’?

This week, the Globe reports Tucker Carlson’s red-hot takes and no-nonsense work ethic has carried him right to the top of the FOX News brass. And now, FOX veterans like Sean Hannity are scared of getting on Carlson’s bad side. “Even Hannity knows not to cross Tucker,” an inside source dishes. “They are not close and don’t really like each other, but both just ignore each other rather than going to war over who is the most powerful.”

The tabloid notes that Carlson’s power extends far beyond the world of broadcast news, and the TV personality even has a strong enough fanbase to make a bid for president in 2024. But sources insist he’s happy just where he is. “He would rather just talk to people through the TV,” the tipster confides. “He hates meeting strangers and never shakes hands or hugs. He is the opposite of a politician — you’d never see Tucker kissing babies or posing for pictures. He lives in a bubble and likes to keep it that way.”

What’s Going On At FOX News?

It’s true that Tucker Carlson has seen a major spike in popularity in recent years. That being said, Carlson isn’t the all-powerful TV god that the tabloid makes him out to be. Carlson doesn’t have the power to fire people — especially not major figures like Sean Hannity. While Carlson has surpassed Hannity in the ratings, Hannity still brings in a ton of viewers to the network. In fact, Hannity consistently brings in the most viewers of any news program during his time slot. It’s clear his job isn’t in danger.

Besides, the Globe claimed FOX was considering firing Carlson just last summer. In that report, the magazine claimed Carlson’s “loose cannon” behavior was causing problems at the network. “There’s a growing fear he’s imploding and one step away from being canceled himself. People are advising him to turn it down a notch and play it safer, but he’s totally bullheaded and sees that as giving in,” an insider dished. We took a closer look at that story here.

More Network Drama From The Tabloid

This isn’t the only time the Globe has invented drama for a major news network. Back in 2020, the outlet reported Megyn Kelly was planning a “revenge” plot against FOX News and NBC. Then, the publication alleged Matt Lauer had a similar plan and planned to get revenge on Megyn Kelly and his other former NBC co-workers. Obviously, the Globe doesn’t have the inside scoop on these networks.

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