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HOUSTON, TEXAS — Ever wonder what to do with your old or broken electronics? CompuCycle can help you get rid of them safely and securely!

The family-owned company in Houston has a shredder nicknamed ‘The Beast’ that can remove and sort steel, aluminum and copper from large electronics. CompuCycle’s smaller shredder can also can destroy up to 1,000 hard drives in an hour.

“What makes CompuCycle unique is we are the only processing facility in Texas that shreds scrap electronics into their raw materials – steel, aluminum, copper, plastics and circuit boards, and we ship that product directly to smelters, refineries, and mills,” said Clive Hess, President of CompuCycle.

Over the last 25 years, CompuCycle has grown from being solely a recycling company into a refurbishing company that re-markets products like fax machines, cables, cords, laptops, desktops and other electronics. All data from electronics equipment is erased or destroyed.

“We really process over 60,000 pounds a day, and that comes to be over 25-million pounds a year that were able to make sure doesn’t go into our landfills,” said Kelly Hess, CEO of CompuCycle.

CompuCycle also offers video surveillance, so that corporate customers can watch as their old IT equipment is destroyed and sorted.

“There’s no doubt that when it comes to being a responsible and secure place to dispose of your old IT electronics, CompuCycle is the place to be,” said Kelly.

For more information, visit compucycle.com.

Source: This post first appeared on abc7NY

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