St. Augustine residents get ready for 2023 Hurricane Season
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Keith Brantly, a Davis Shores resident, raised his home after it was damaged by Hurricane Matthew. He says he’s prepared, but is worried about his neighbors.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — It’s campaign and hurricane season in Florida. 

Senator Rick Scott (R) was in St. Augustine Friday to discuss Hurricane preparedness.

Scott says people should be prepared to live at least seven days without power during a hurricane. 

“Seven days of water, seven days of food, get your medicine have your documents have battery powered radio have batteries,” Scott said. 

“My whole goal is keep everybody safe you can rebuild that house, but you can’t rebuild a life,” he added. 

Down the street from Scott’s stop, Keith Brantly watched the first big storm of the year from his front porch. 

“That was a close one,” Brantly said as lightning split the dark sky. 

Brantly didn’t need his hurricane supplies Friday night, but he knows where he lives. 

Hurricanes Ian and Nicole were tropical storms when they arrived in the St. Augustine area, but they were enough to cause major flooding on his street.  

“You see all your neighbors’ doorsteps flooded some of the water’s going into their house you realize how scary it is,” Brantly said.

Brantly spent $400,000 to raise his home after Hurricane Matthew damaged it in 2018. In the fall, Ian and Nicole were walking up his driveway. 

“The speed at which the water came in that’s what shocked me the most I had not seen the water rush in as fast as it had,” Brantly said. 

Brantly knows the next hurricane could be on the horizon and has gone in with the same mindset every time. 

“I’ve lived in Florida my entire life it’s 99 percent sheer bliss and 1 percent sheer terror,” Brantly said. 

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