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Stephen King is a master of horror. Even his recipes are terrifying. A recent tweet sent his fans into a tizzy. He’s got an odd taste in fish.

Microwaved… Salmon?

In the wee hours of April 19, the prolific King logged onto Twitter. He posted an unorthodox recipe for salmon. He suggests dressing with olive oil and lemon juice, standard, then… nuking it in the microwave for a few minutes.

Reactions, as you would expect, were all over the place. Using the den of hot pockets to cook fish just does not feel right at all. Folks can microwave husks of corn or a lovely baked potato, but salmon? Oof. 

King was soon inundated with reactions, many referencing his reputation for horror. From the man who gave Gerald’s Game to the world comes the microwaved paper towel salmon.

It’s worth noting King is not strictly a horror writer. He’s responsible for Stand By Me and the Shawshank Redemption. Even still, some think this is his most frightening work yet.

King Stands His Ground

Around 5:00 PM the following day, King hopped back on. Presumably seeing his mentions on fire, King stood his ground.

We’ll ignore the It author misspelling “it.” He also took the time to retweet one of his followers who gave the recipe a shot.

One day later, King is still responding to his fans. One person bigged him up, writing “Nobody recommends literature and how to cook salmon better than the Master…🦐.” King took the time to respond.

Other Life Hacks

The microwave may seem like a one-stop shop for food, but there are numerous foods that you’re better off cooking other ways. Eggs and raw meat certainly stick out. Numerous vegetables like broccoli and carrots can lose nutrients in the box. You’re better off finding another way.

As for the dreaded spotted heat problem, well, there are life hacks for that. Pushing food to the edge of the plate can help it get some more heat, for the center of the plate is liable to be a cold spot. Obviously, take this with a grain of salt. Microwaves are dangerous, and you shouldn’t throw just anything in there willy-nilly.

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