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What do you get the woman who has everything? A Times Square billboard featuring her own face, of course.

Atlanta-based model Moriah Mills says she was left stunned when her “sugar daddy” gifted her the gigantic digital display for her 28th birthday last month.

“Seeing my face up there in bright lights was the most thrilling thing,” Mills said of the 100x80ft billboard, which was set up on the corner of West 48th Street from Oct. 11 to Oct. 17.

“I looked stunning… It made me feel like a star and it’s totally what I deserve.”

Times Square pedestrians certainly copped an eyeful of Mills, as the billboard photo featured the model showing off her ample cleavage in a skimpy crop top.

Mills says her "sugar daddy" also gifts her with generous amounts of cash.
Mills says her “sugar daddy” also gifts her with generous amounts of cash.
Jam Press/@thisismoriahmills

Mills did not divulge how much the extravagant birthday gift cost, but Indeed claims a rotating Times Square billboard can cost upwards of $22,000 for two weeks.

Meanwhile, the busty brunette has also not disclosed the identity of her “sugar daddy,” but says they are not in a monogamous relationship.

“My sugar daddy is so sweet and nice and lets me do as I want, he doesn’t even mind me dating other guys,” the stunner told Jam Press.

Moriah Mills says a male suitor surprised her with a billboard of her own face in Times Square (right).
Moriah Mills says a male suitor surprised her with a billboard of her own face in Times Square (right).
Jam Press/@thisismoriahmills

“He’s not a boyfriend in the traditional sense but someone who I treat amazing and he treats me great in return.”

The billboard isn’t the only extravagant present that the man has given Mills.

“I’m so lucky, he gives me cash and other nice gifts all the time,” she explained. “He’ll often fly me out for dinner wherever he is working and we always stay in touch through text.”

Mills is seen smiling in front of her saucy billboard last month.
Mills is seen smiling in front of her saucy billboard last month.
Jam Press Vid/@thisismoriahmills

“I give him my time and genuine affection, he doesn’t ask for anything and sometimes I feel bad but he tells me he’s there to spoil me only and make me feel like a princess,” the model added.

Mills certainly isn’t short of money herself, recently revealing she makes a whopping $300,000 a month on OnlyFans.

Mills makes $300,000 a month on OnlyFans, so she certainly doesn't need a sugar daddy.
Mills makes $300,000 a month on OnlyFans, so she certainly doesn’t need a sugar daddy.
Jam Press/@thisismoriahmills

The beauty is known for her super-high standards, previously stating that she has a list of requirements for any man who wants to date her. The demands include a dozen roses once a week, an allowance and regular oral sex.

But while she may have men clamoring for her attention, Mills admits she doesn’t have many gal pals.

Mills recently made an appearance on Britain's "This Morning."
Mills recently made an appearance on Britain’s “This Morning.”
Jam Press/@thisismoriahmills

The star made the admission during an appearance on Britain’s “This Morning” earlier this year, saying female friendships are hard for her because women are afraid that she’s “too hot” and will “steal their husbands.”

“I think men love my body and chest but lots of women make snide comments about them,” she said. “I’ll catch people staring at me while I’m out or they’ll just start talking to my chest … I am tired of the comments and constant staring, and just want to be able to walk around in public without someone staring at my big breasts.”

The busty brunette says she doesn't have many gal pals as women are "jealous" of her.
The busty brunette says she doesn’t have many gal pals as women are “jealous” of her
Jam Press/@thisismoriahmills

Mills — who boasts 214,000 followers on Instagram, and more than 1.1 million followers on TikTok — also told the program she’s considering getting surgery to reduce the size of her 34DDD bust.

However, she confessed that her fans may not be as enamored with her if she has a smaller rack.

“I don’t want to upset them but it is my body and my choice, I do worry that my fans might not like it though,” Mills said.

Source: NYPOST

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