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Is Susan Sarandon ready to give a famous ex yet another chance? One report says the Rocky Horror Picture Show star is pining for the old days. Gossip Cop investigates.

Susan Sarandon’s ‘Second Chance At Love?!’

According to New Idea, Sarandon is still holding a torch for Tim Robbins. The two split up 13 years ago, but they’re warming to each other once more. “There’s something heartwarming about them when they’re together and there’s still some magic, maybe enough to take another stab at being a couple,” a source reveals.

The Bull Durham stars never wed, but they did live together for 21 years and raised a few kids together. While both were in subsequent relationships, they’re now single at the same time. For the first time in some time, there’s a real chance the former lovers could reunite, the insider explains.

What’s Going On With Susan Sarandon?

Gossip Cop cannot explain why this story exists. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have not been spotted together in years. She said a big reason for the breakup was Robbins’ jealousy of his own children. “He was very jealous, really jealous of the boys,” Sarandon said. “Part of it was because he didn’t have a close relationship with his mom. He saw [the closeness between Sarandon and their sons and] that drove him crazy. He was jealous. Definitely.”

The Meddler star will always have a relationship with Robbins, of course. Having kids together forces that to be true, but there’s just no evidence that they’re reuniting. New Idea isn’t alone with this bizarre narrative. The National Enquirer ran an identical story about Sarandon this month, but that relied solely on bogus sources as well. Until Gossip Cop sees Sarandon and Robbins spending any time together, we’ll remain dubious about this rumor.

Other Second Chances

This tabloid is enchanted by stories about exes reuniting. It’s all fan fiction, however, for it’s never come to fruition. It still ships Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, but there’s nothing to that rumor. It also thinks Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley are going to reunite, but he’s happily married to someone else.

Back in 2019, New Idea claimed Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman were rekindling their romance, but nothing like this came close to happening. It seems like this outlet just can’t get over relationships ending. A romantic reunion between Robbins and Sarandon makes for a satisfying story, but that doesn’t make it true. With no evidence whatsoever, Gossip Cop is confident the story is false.

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