So what made you want to be a part of “Crown Lake?”

I wanted to be a part of Crown Lake because I’ve always seen it, and it’s been one of my favorite Brat [TV] shows. And I just love the mysterious vibe because I always love those kinds of TV shows. I always get so invested. So when they asked me to be on the show, I was so excited, and I just couldn’t wait to build my character.

Yeah. What have been some of your favorite mystery shows before this one?

I really liked “Clickbait” on Netflix. It’s kind of like a murder mystery, which is kind of similar to “Crown Lake” in a way. So I would say that was my most recent favorite murder mystery show.

And then how did being on “Crown Lake” compare to some of the other acting you’ve done in the past?

“Crown Lake” was a lot different, because we filmed it for two weeks straight. A lot of things like kind of film out of order with random days here and there. But, when you’re with new people for two weeks straight, you really build a family. And just everyone’s in the same industry as me, so it really helped just getting to know each other and relating and all that kind of stuff. So I would say it was just like building a family while being somebody else at the same time. So I just think it’s the coolest experience ever.

Yeah. And did you feel like you had any similarities with your character, Molly?

Yes, for sure. Because I feel like our personality is identical almost. She’s very witty; she doesn’t take no for an answer, which I’m a Gemini. And she’s very curious, and she always wants to find out the answer like when she sees something, she’s like, “Okay, well, how did that happen?” And I’m always trying to figure things out, and I always just have a random line that people laugh at every few sentences, so I feel that’s definitely Molly. She just says what’s on her mind, and people find it really funny.

And then, do you feel like there were any big differences between you and your character?

I wouldn’t say it’s a huge difference because I really embraced Molly for two weeks straight, but I would just say the biggest difference is that I never had a dorm or anything like that, so I never lived with another roommate. So I would say that was kind of cool being in school and because I haven’t been in school since fourth grade, because that’s when I started homeschooling. So it’s kind of cool just to go back to a classroom and be in a normal class and have my dorm room and all that kind of stuff. So I would just say if there’s going to be one difference, that would be the biggest one.

Source: Nicki Swift

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