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In the middle of last month, as Omicron cases were surging with the holidays and people wanted to get tests before they visited people, Joe Biden was getting slammed because there were no tests available for Americans. Joe Biden promised 500 million test kits that could be sent to people’s homes. That number was still low, given the number of Americans.

But, of course, the problem was, as with everything having to do with Joe Biden, the promise was illusory — as least for any immediate relief. By the time he made that promise, it was already just before Christmas, so no help there for anyone who may have wanted it for these immediate, past holidays.

As we reported, Biden had been offered a plan by health experts in October for 732 million tests to deal with the holiday desire for them. Biden rejected the plan. But then, when he was getting criticized in December, he lied and said he never rejected the plan. Then he headed off to the beach for another week-long vacation.

So, what happened to the Biden promise for the tests that he made? People have been asking Biden since he said that before Christmas. But what they mostly got were blank stares, like this response — or more accurately, lack of response.

He did have one solution for people a couple of days ago. Americans could use Google and look for tests themselves.

This is our government under Joe Biden, kids — incompetence at its finest.

Now, word is that they finally awarded their first contract for the tests yesterday. They still don’t have the website through which you could order the tests ready yet, and the tests wouldn’t be available to be shipped to people for several more weeks yet, according to White House officials. Then the 500 million tests wouldn’t all be available at once — when tests become available. They’ll be doled out over months. This means they’ll basically be out of tests quickly, and then doled out with an eyedropper afterward because 500 million for the whole country isn’t much of anything.

Translation? If you care about tests, you’re not going to get any real solutions from Joe Biden. So, this sounds like it’s going to continue to be a problem, especially for schools and/or businesses who may require testing, if you can’t find the tests.

The thing that gets me about all this is that they’ve had months to work this out and still haven’t figured it out.

Think about this for a moment. President Donald Trump was able to get multiple vaccines developed, up, and ready for distribution in record time from March to December of 2020 — a feat that usually takes years — through a unique private-public partnership.

Joe Biden can’t even get a test distribution plan together for tests that have been long developed in more time, despite promising more testing before he came in.

Source: This post first appeared on RedState

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