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The Challenge All Stars

MTV Cast members from The Challenge: All Stars

In 2021, a few competitors from “The Challenge” took part in celebrity boxing fights against other reality stars from various franchises and one legend of “The Challenge” has recently hinted at a possible upcoming fight against another star of the show that could happen this year.

Fessy Shafaat has been the most vocal about wanting to fight again, especially big names from the show like CT Tamburello. Recently, he posted on his Instagram Story that instead of CT, he’d love to go up against Tony Raines or Mark Long. In reply to a fan page asking whether Fessy could beat the two, Mark commented, “HELLLLL TO THE NO!!!!!!”

Mark also previously replied to Fessy’s claim that no one could beat him in a one-on-one physical elimination, tweeting, “News Flash I could beat Fessy in a physical elimination…Regards, The Champ Champ.” Recently, Mark spoke about Fessy’s desire to get into a boxing ring and said the two have already spoken about having a match at some point this year.

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Mark Said He Met Fessy & Likes Him But He’d Like to Face Him This Year

During a recent appearance on the “Death, Taxes and Bananas” podcast with Johnny Bananas, Mark revealed that he “finally” met Fessy. Bananas asked how it went and if they set up the boxing match they’d spoken about on social media. “Finally met Fessy, he was a pure gentleman,” Mark said. “Fessy and I got along great, I met him and Nelson [Thomas] the same night, it was a charity event.”

He said, “I actually like Fessy. I just think, I almost think he gets a bad rap.” Bananas agreed but added that “he brings a lot of it on himself.” Mark said he was really nice but does think that “deep down, he’s really an introvert.”

Mark told Bananas, “He said he couldn’t find anyone to box him so I think in 2022 I gotta box this guy. I think we’re gonna set that up.” Mark added that he’s never taken boxing lessons, “but I guarantee you I’m gonna go in there and give him a whirl. Even though he’s 20 years younger, I can’t wait.”

He said he’s supposed to be calling Fessy soon to discuss it further and concluded, “2022, The Godfather versus Fessy, good versus evil.”

Fessy Spoke About Boxing CT Tamburello a Few Times But CT Turned Him Down

Fessy’s main target for a boxing match has been CT for some time but CT recently put that callout to rest at the “Spies, Lies and Allies” reunion when he made it clear that wouldn’t be happening. Fessy first called him out in the boxing ring after his first victory in August 2021.

When he called out Tony and Mark, he wrote in his Instagram Story,”I already reached out to [CT] and he ain’t bout it.” Soon after, the callout was brought up on the reunion stage and Fessy was asked about it. He said the fight could be really lucrative for both and the fans would really want to watch it. CT, who’d just won two back-to-back seasons of the show, made it clear in his response that it wouldn’t happen though he added that he would beat Fessy in any case.

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