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Few signs of the Zodiac are as volatile as Aries. But considering their celestial profile, this is largely unsurprising. Aries’ ruling planet is Mars, the planet of war. Fire is its ruling element, and Aries’ cardinal modality makes it their way or the highway. 

Of course, this passion can translate positively, too. Aries is determined and strong-willed. They strive to be the best and chase down thrills. The old springtime adage, “in like a lion, out like a lamb,” also describes the first sign of the Zodiac. 

We’re nearing the end of Aries season now, but we have plenty of lion encounters ahead. As we approach the beginning of stubborn Taurus season, we must be careful not to get stuck in Aries’ turbulent whirlpools. 

Will your sign make it out of Aries season unscathed or singed?

You Know What Happens When You Bottle Things Up…

Person emotionally exploding, blowing up in someone's face

Eventually, it explodes. Last month, Pisces encouraged us to wallow in our emotions silently. This self-defeating way of keeping the peace caused us to brush off conflict and ignore our feelings—but that doesn’t mean either disappeared completely. 

Indeed, both the conflict and our feelings were patiently waiting for a more enthusiastic contender to bring them back up. Aries was well-equipped for the challenge. Needless to say, things have been tense ever since. 

As tempting as it might be to lean into this aggressive attitude, it likely won’t have the effect you thought it might. Aries season ends with Mars entering Pisces, which will muddy the waters and make communication cyclical. 

You might feel like you’re repeating the same exact fight with a loved one. Don’t be so quick to assume it’s the other person’s fault. It takes two to tango; why do you keep repeating the same dance moves?

Of course, the line between self-deprecation and self-improvement is a thin one. Analyze situations objectively, but be careful not to skew your objectivity against yourself. You don’t earn any bonus points for being the guiltiest.

The Present Stars Inform The Future

Woman transforming inner self, changing ego, changing face

This particularly turbulent period also includes a tense square between the Sun and Pluto. These two bodies are about as distant as it gets, both in physical and emotional terms. But when you take a closer look, they share more similarities in the latter than you might think. 

The Sun governs ego and life force. It is the light by which we navigate our whole lives. From how we interact with others to how we fit into our perception of the world, the Sun plays a critical role in our senses of self. 

Meanwhile, faraway Pluto governs the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves. It rules over the subconscious, the dimly lit pockets of our mind containing dreams, fears, and desires. And while Pluto’s domain is invisible to the eye, it can hold the most power. 

Pluto is the planet of transformation and change. On a subconscious level, these changes deeply affect our identities. In turn, it directly affects our ego, bringing the Sun into the equation.

Setting The Stage For The Zodiac Year

Woman faces inner shadow self, practices mindfulness

Conflict can bruise or inflate the ego, negatively altering one’s self-esteem. This sets off a chain reaction of small incremental changes to how we navigate through life. Our demeanors shift, intentions change, and goals realign. Unfortunately, this is not always for the better. 

This is especially true just ahead of Taurus season. Once its hardheaded influence permeates the cosmos, we’ll be even more susceptible to getting stuck in our combative ways. Removing oneself from this cycle can seem impossible. 

Moreover, Aries season is the start of a new Zodiac year. It effectively sets the stage for the rest of the celestial cycle. Sure, tides can always shift. But the energy we immerse ourselves in now will likely carry on into Pisces season in February and March 2023. 

Mindfulness is the key to making it out of Aries season unscathed. Anger and adrenaline can blind us to objective truths. Conflict almost always points to a larger problem. But from the depths of an argument’s trenches, it can be impossible to see the forest through the trees.

Try approaching your emotional problem like an impersonal one. How would you solve the problem if it were in the context of work? Illness? Not every cerebral issue has to have an abstract, whimsical solution. Sometimes, logic is best. 

As Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter congregate under Pisces, this logic will be especially crucial for Aries, Taurus, Libra, Pisces, and Sagittarius. Aries might be lighting emotional brushfires, but that doesn’t mean you have to get lost in the smoke.

Keep the bigger picture in mind—the end of this emotional rollercoaster is almost over.

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