BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock joined Steve Deace and discussed the upside-down nature of the woke religion.

In this clip, Deace established that in Wokeism, “You must constantly repent of your past sins, even ones you didn’t commit when you merely look like those who did, in order to demonstrate the shame you feel for them — but with no assurance any amount of repentance ultimately leads to redemption. You are therefore constantly accused, but never really restored.”

Deace continued, “But in Christianity, we are only responsible for the sins we have actually committed, we bear no one else’s sin burden, and when we repent of them under the covering of the atonement Christ paid for at the cross, we are free forever from our shame and are redeemed. The point of confronting sin is to produce the correction that leads to restoration.”

Whitlock agreed with Deace’s definition of Wokeism and Christianity, and likened Wokeism to a marriage without forgiveness.

“It puts us on a collision course for divorce,” Whitlock explained. “You can’t have a United States of America if there’s no forgiveness.”

Watch the clip to hear more of the conversation. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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Source: TheBlaze

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