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For years, Rodney Galvin’s family believed he had simply left them to start a new life.

In April 1987, the 21-year-old walked out his parents’ front door on Rice Street in Ballarat. He has not been seen or heard from since.

Thinking Mr Galvin had made a choice, his family did not report him missing.

Rodney Galvin left his parents' home on April 6, 1987 and never came back.
Rodney Galvin left his parents’ home on April 6, 1987 and never came back. (Victoria Police)

However, in 1995, police received an anonymous tip-off from a member of the public about Mr Galvin’s disappearance.

The person made it clear that foul play was involved and that there were people in the community with information about what happened to him and why.

Despite a long-running investigation, Victoria Police say they have been unable to find any trace of Mr Galvin or track his movements on the night he disappeared. 

Police now believe that Mr Galvin was met with foul play.
Police now believe that Mr Galvin was met with foul play. (Victoria Police)

A keen sportsman, Mr Galvin was a member of several local sports clubs, including the Ballarat East Football Club, Golden Point Football Club, Miners Ice Hockey Club, Millbrook/Black Hill Cricket Club and Lucas Cricket Club.

Detective Acting Inspector Tony Combridge from the Missing Persons Squad said police believed Mr Galvin was no longer alive, but they wanted to help bring closure to his family.

“While it has been well over three decades, police still believe there will be people out there who can help us solve the mystery of what happened to Rodney,” Acting Inspector Tony Combridge said.

“When he walked out the door that night, his family would never have known it would be the last time they would see him.

“Sadly, they have lived all this time without answers as to what has happened to Rodney.

Criminals who wear their crime on their sleeves

“Investigators strongly believe that there are still people out there who know what happened to Rodney, why and who was responsible.

“It is our belief that he met with foul play, but we are really calling on those people with any knowledge of the matter to come forward and help us fill in the gaps.”

Source: 9News

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