Earlier this year, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez surprised the world when they picked their romance up right where they left it in 2004. Ever since then, the tabloids have had a field day speculating about their relationship. While there were plenty of wild stories to go around, one report stood out. Now, we’re taking another look at the rumor.

Jennifer Lopez Racing Jennifer Garner To The Altar?

In November, In Touch reported Jennifer Lopez demanded Ben Affleck to pop the question sooner than later. “Even though they only got back together about six months ago, Jennifer has waited 19 years to marry Ben, and the last thing she wants is the long engagement she had with Alex Rodriguez because looks how that turned out,” an insider dished. In fact, Lopez wanted to make things official by Christmas.

But it wasn’t just her love for Affleck that had inspired her to start planning her wedding. Apparently, Lopez heard Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner was engaged to her longtime on-again-off-again boyfriend John Miller, and desperately wanted to beat them to the altar. “[Lopez] wants all the attention to be on her and Ben… and the wedding will be no different,” an inside source spilled.

As for Affleck, he’d probably give into his future bridezilla’s wishes. “There’s nothing really standing in their way, so it’s likely he’ll cave to the pressure and propose,” the tipster concluded. “The last thing he wants to do is upset J. Lo.”

Ben Affleck Planning To Propose?

If fans were expecting a Bennifer wedding by Christmas, obviously that didn’t happen. First of all, Jennifer Garner’s engagement was just a rumor. While fans spotted her wearing a diamond ring on that special finger during an Instagram Live stream, we debunked that story too.

And if Garner isn’t engaged, why would Lopez be racing her to the altar? It soon became clear that this story was even more absurd than it appeared at first glance. Not to mention, Garner and Lopez get along just fine. Lopez and Affleck even went trick-or-treating in the very same neighborhood as Garner, making it clear the two women have no problem being around each other. This story was just a bizarre tale built on shaky rumors and flat-out lies. While we’re certain we haven’t seen the last fishy Bennifer story, this was surely one for the books.

The Tabloid On Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez

This certainly wasn’t the only time this year In Touch was wrong about Affleck and Lopez’s relationship. Shortly before the pair reunited, the magazine claimed Garner and Affleck were rekindling their romance. But by June, the outlet reported Affleck and Lopez were engaged. And more recently, the tabloid took a dark turn, alleging Affleck was teetering on the edge of relapse. Clearly, In Touch isn’t reliable when it comes to Bennifer.

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