Nicole Kidman and producer/writer David E. Kelley are frequent collaborators. Kelley happens to be married to Michelle Pfeiffer. As Kidman wins awards for her Kelley-helmed projects, it’s possible that Pfeiffer may get jealous. Our top Kidman of the rumor year saw Pfeiffer telling her “back off.”

Pfeiffer’s ‘Seeing Green’

According to Woman’s Day, Pfeiffer was wallowing in the muck of avarice. She was jealous that Kidman could become one of the highest-paid actresses in television through her work with Kelley. While Pfeiffer knew no romance was blossoming between Kidman and Kelley, she still wanted the Nine Perfect Strangers star to leave her husband alone.

An insider said, “Michelle isn’t the jealous type, but she’s like every other actress. She wants that juicy role just as much as the next person.”

The story was ridiculous from the outset because Pfeiffer and Kelley have been together for nearly 30 years now. You can’t reach 30 without a system that works. She’s been an actress the entire time, while his career as a screenwriter and producer has blossomed. Plenty of couples like to keep their work and personal life separate, and there’s no reason to think the Batman Returns star resents her husband’s success.

Furthermore, Pfeiffer’s got Marvel money now. She’s in the Ant-Man franchise, so it’s not like her wallets getting light or anything. For these reasons, Gossip Cop debunked the story.

Kelley Chimes In

Just days after this story came out, Kelley sat down with USAToday to promote Nine Perfect Strangers. He was asked about possibly working with Pfieffer: “We don’t rule it out, but I don’t advise it. It’s good for us to have our work life and private life separate.” He added that they “travel in separate creative orbits,” and said their 30 years together “has gone by fast.”

Kelley confirms here what Gossip Cop suspected all along: they like to keep work and home separate. Perhaps she will pop up in his next project, or maybe he’ll write an Ant-Man movie someday. Neither of these feels terribly likely.

More Kidman Myths

Most Kidman stories this year were preoccupied with her marriage. About once a month, some tabloid promises doom and gloom for her and Urban, yet they’re still together. If it’s not divorce then they must be welcoming a third baby. These stories are just lazy and inaccurate. Kidman and Urban have just as much beef as Urban and Pfeiffer: none whatsoever.

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