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Are Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth trying to get a role in the latest Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot? One tabloid claims the former co-stars both desperately want to revisit their old characters from the 1990 teen drama for a third time. Let’s take a deeper dive into this exciting rumor.

Spelling, Garth Pushing For ‘90210’ Reboot 2?

This week, New Idea reports a new Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot is in the works. Apparently, this time the reboot will revive the 2008 version of the series, 90210, rather than the original due to unspecified copyright concerns. But sources say Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth are begging producers to reconsider. “Tori and Jennie are determined to change their minds,” an insider spills.

Apparently, the show’s ties to Spellings’ late father’s estate are also complicating the logistics of a reboot. “Despite being left out of her dad’s will, Tori still has sway with the estate holders. They will be sorely tempted to bring Tori and the old cast back on board,” the tipster concludes. 

Is There Another ‘90210’ Reboot In The Works?

No one is pushing for another 90210 reboot—at least not yet. But even if they were, we don’t see any reason that Spelling and Garth would have to fight to get a role on it; let us explain. First of all, producers seemed to have no issue casting them in small roles for the 2008 reboot. Then, as recently as 2019, Spelling, Garth, and the original cast returned for a meta mockumentary-style reboot of the 1990 series. There didn’t seem to be any issues back then, so it’s unclear what roadblocks they would be hitting now. 

But then there’s the fact that no one really thinks another reboot is a good idea. The 2008 series never really found its footing, and the 2019 reboot was cancelled after a single season. And considering producers waited an entire decade to even consider another reboot, we seriously doubt anyone is looking to try again only a few years after the last reboot crashed and burned. While we can’t say that nostalgia for the series won’t kick back in 15 years from now and spur another reboot, it’s clear that now is definitely not the time.

More TV Show Drama From The Tabloid

But 90210 isn’t the only TV show to get this treatment from New Idea; the outlet is constantly spreading unfounded rumors about other programs as well. Last year, the outlet reported Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant were rekindling their romance on the set of the Sex and the City reboot. Then the magazine claimed Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer were getting cozy on the set of the Friends reunion. And finally, the publication alleged Friends co-stars Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc had harbored a secret feud for years. Given the magazine’s past reporting on beloved TV shows, we feel safe completely dismissing this latest rumor.

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