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Quick Biography

Trashelle Odom- Biography

Trashelle Odom is the wife of John Odom, a Trump donor, and executive at Construction Company. She claimed that former Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski accused her of unwelcome sexual advances while inappropriately harassing and groping her. Lewandowski was removed from his post when Trashelle Odom made the statement public. On September 29, 2021, she made a statement with an accusation against him.

What is the Net Worth of Trashelle Odom? Salary, Earnings

She is loving and living her life to the fullest and has achieved everything she wished for as a child. She wasn’t born with money, but as evidenced by her social media pages, she now lives a luxury lifestyle. Although no data exists to predict her net worth, we can be certain that it is in the millions.

Trashelle Odom- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings

Trashelle Odom was born Trashelle Power in 1989 and is 32 years old. She presently resides in Meridian, Idaho. According to public documents, her likely relatives are Donald Power and Emily Power, and her family lived in both California and Idaho. She battled a lot and had a financial crisis when she was a child. She had various dreams, such as what she wanted to be and obtaining a car despite financial constraints. In terms of her job, she and her husband run a construction company as well as a family racing company called “Odom Racing.”

Quick Facts

Real Name Trashelle McGregor/Power
Birth Date 1989
Age (as of 2021) 32 Years
Residence Meridian, Idaho, USA
Nationality American
Profession Company Executive
Religion Christianity
Sun sign

Trashelle Odom- Relationship, Married Life

Trashelle and John married in 2017 and have been enjoying their married life ever since. They have five children from this marriage, and she is pleased to be a mother. Trashelle stated that their children are everything to them and that whatever they have is fantastic. Aside from that, the Odoms have a YouTube channel where they share content about their experiences and daily lives.


Odom, 32, has disclosed that the incident occurred on September 26th, while she was attending a charity event in Las Vegas. She further stated that the 48-year-old Lewandowski, who is married and has children, “stalked” her at the event. The news has been confirmed by “Politico,” a political media outfit that witnessed the statement firsthand.

Trashelle stated in a statement that when she arrived at the event in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 26th, she was meant to attend the dinner but instead spent time with her friends. When she got close to him, he continuously touched her while uttering disgusting things and pursued her, making her feel violated and afraid. She stated that she came out for him to be held accountable. Trashelle was fortunate to have a loving spouse and family that cared for her. She wanted additional women to come forwards and tell their stories about him, as well as the horrible things he did to her during the event.


Lewandowski’s counsel stated the remarks are frequently modified in minutes and that they do not intend to honor them for additional responses. The former Trump campaign manager, on the other hand, has been relieved of his duties. Taylor Budowich, a Trump spokesperson, told the media that Corey will “strive for outcomes” and that “we are grateful for his contributions to us as he will no longer be a member of the Trump World.” Trashelle Odom claimed that Corey Lewandowski improperly groped her on the leg and buttocks and told her that she owed him a good ass.

When she declined, he even hurled a drink at her. All of this made her feel nervous and worried about her safety. Trashelle acknowledged in her statement that the incident occurred on Sunday, September 26th, 2021, while she and her husband were attending a gathering with Republican donors at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino’s Benihana restaurant. She said that she was seated next to Lewandowski, who attempted to describe his sexual appearances and showed her the hotel room keys. Following that encounter, he continued to talk about sex while using profanity.

Attorney and Statement

Odom’s counsel, on the other hand, indicated that Mrs. Odom stated that she was touched around ten times throughout dinner and that she felt so humiliated about being in the moment that she feared for her liberty. Mrs. Odom was pushed by her hand, he said. Lewandowski withdrew his hand away from her leg as he tried to touch it. He grabbed her napkin from her lap and tried to touch her leg, but she lifted her leg over the dress, so he moved his hand to cover her skin. He also patted her back, where Odom was trying to move away from the situation. The attorney described a hurting spot on the side of his buttocks following an exercise.

He demonstrated that Corey attempted to touch her by there and the upper back of her body. Odom went on to say that she left the room, where Lewandowski followed her and complimented her she had a lovely ass and then poured a drink on her, even though it all landed on her shoes and clothes. Her attorney, on the other hand, acknowledged that Lewandowski told her that she is powerful enough to ruin anyone. Other attendees at the dinner reported Lewandowski appeared to be inebriated, and a photo seen by the news shows Lewandowski with his tongue protruding out above Lamar Odom’s right shoulder.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair color

Trashelle Odom stands 5 ft 8 inches tall and weighs 58 kg. Furthermore, he has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Social Media Details

Trashelle Odom does not have an official presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

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