Trump Bests Biden in Head to Head Matchup
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Former President Donald Trump bests President Biden in a hypothetical 2024 matchup, an Emerson College survey released this week found.

The survey found Biden’s approval under water, as 52 percent disapprove of his job performance. Notably, most independent voters, 55 percent, disapprove of his job performance as voters choose the economy as a top concern on their lists. Biden’s souring ratings likely give Republicans an advantage on a generic ballot, as the survey showed Republicans leading Democrats 45 percent to 42 percent on a generic congressional ballot. 

In light of that, the survey asked respondents who they would support in a 2024 rematch between Trump and Biden. In this instance, Trump leads Biden 44 percent to the president’s 42 percent:

The Emerson College survey, taken May 24-25, 2022, among 1,148 registered voters, has a +/- 2.8 percent margin of error and reflects the same trend seen in other recent surveys — namely, Biden falling to Trump in a hypothetical matchup. Harvard-Harris’s May survey found Trump leading Biden by three percentage points — 45 percent to 42 percent:

Trump has dropped several hints that he intends to run again, but no official announcement has been made. Yet, he has continued to remain vocal. 

“Compare how great America was just two years ago, with today,” Trump said in a Friday post to TruthSocial. 

“No Inflation, the WAR with Russia going into Ukraine would NEVER have happened (zero chance!), $1.87 per gallon gasoline, Energy Independence & soon Energy DOMINANCE – leave Afghanistan with dignity and strength, not surrender, death, and 85 Billion Dollars worth of equipment left to the enemy – a completely REBUILT Military, and with the addition of SPACE FORCE – Biggest Tax and Reg Cuts EVER, historic Jobs numbers, and so much more!” he added:

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