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Stay safe throughout rainy April with these tips

Rain can bring a number of risks with it but there some ways we can stay safe.

1. Don’t walk in the rain! Of course you can walk in the rain, but more specifically large puddle. Doing so can expose you to a host of bacteria.

2. Carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat. Much like above, if you get very wet and and cold, you’re more likely to fall ill.

3. Drive safely and carefully. A wet road increases the chance of skidding and slipping. Take care when turning and ensure the gap is wide enough to prevent crashing.

4. Steer clear of live wires. Live wires and water are a perfect combination for electrocution – be careful.

5. Shut windows properly. This will keep water from getting into your home and potentially causing damp.

Source: thesun

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