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How to ease hay fever

Here are some ways you can ease hay fever symptoms:

Shower and change clothes after being outdoors: Pollen gets everywhere, sticking to clothes and affecting you long after you’ve retreated inside.

Apply petroleum gel just under the nose: Dabbing a little petroleum gel, such as Vaseline, around the nostrils before you head out can act as a barrier to prevent pollen particles from entering your nose. 

Wear wraparound sunglasses: This is a suitably stylish way of keeping pesky pollen powder out of your eyes.

Keep it clean: Regularly wash your hands when out and about to remove pollen and avoid rubbing it further into your eyes or nose. 

Dry your laundry inside: If you suffer from hay fever, it’s better to dry your laundry inside so that it won’t catch any pollen outside.

Keep pets clean: Animal fur can easily collect pollen when outdoors.

Create an on-the-go first aid kit: There are plenty of products you can pick up at the chemist to keep your symptoms in check, each with different abilities.

Source: thesun

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