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CHECHNYA’S brutal leader has criticised Putin’s stance as not brutal enough, as the Russian leader’s inner circle looks to fall apart.

Warlord Ramzan Kadyrov, 45, accused Russia’s foreign secretary Dmitri Peskov of failing to recognise true patriotism amid the war in Ukraine.

Kadyrov rules Chechnya with an iron first and his foot soldiers have been accused of human rights abuses, including torture and extrajudicial killings.

He described the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine as a “jihad” for Chechen fighters and said of the lack of patriotism: “Something should be done about this”.

The leader’s stark comments came shortly after he criticised Vladimir Medinsky, the head of the Kremlin’s delegation at talks with Ukraine.

Kadyrov – labelled “Putin’s Pet” by the west – was livid over the announcement of the withdrawal of troops from Kyiv, suggesting that Medinsky’s “mouth should be taped shut”.

An FSB whistleblower known by the moniker Wind of Change says the blood-thirsty Chechen leader feels validated by the invasion of Ukraine.

“It seems he has decided to go for broke. Kadyrov launched a powerful campaign in the Kremlin to discredit the leaders of the security wing,” the unnamed whistleblower wrote in messages published by Vladimir Osechkin, an exiled human rights activist.

“Now there is such turbulence that he might succeed. If [Putin] gives him the security bloc, even partially, tomorrow he will have all of Russia in his hands. The party of war and the party of peace are already moving to the point of their direct conflict.”

Meanwhile, Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky visited Bucha on Monday, where he told reporters “these are war crimes and will be recognised by the world as genocide”.

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  • Russia facing expulsion

    The United Nations will hold a vote in New York on Thursday on whether to expel Russia from its Human Rights Council.

    Yesterday, Zelensky said how people had been shot in the street and in their homes “just for the pleasure” of the Russian soldiers.

    He repeated his claim that the actions of the Russians is much like that of the terrorist group, Islamic State.

    He also said that President Putin’s propaganda seeks to “export” his own hatred into other countries beyond Ukraine.

  • ‘Wave of measures will bring an end to the UK’s imports of Russian energy’

    Foreign Sec Liz Truss hit Vladimir Putin’s cronies with new economic crackdown but stopped short of a total ban on buying gas.

    But ministers vowed to stop buying it “as soon as possible” as it emerged the EU has bought Russia gas worth €35 billion since the invasion.

    Britain also blocked the sale of technical equipment used to refine oil, in a bid to stop Moscow diverting its black gold profits into the war effort.

    Ms Truss said: “Our latest wave of measures will bring an end to the UK’s imports of Russian energy and sanction yet more individuals and businesses, decimating Putin’s war machine.

    “Together with our allies, we are showing the Russian elite that they cannot wash their hands of the atrocities committed on Putin’s orders. We will not rest until Ukraine prevails.”

  • British embassy security guard charged with spying for Russia in Berlin

    A BRITISH security guard working has been charged with spying for the Russian state in Berlin.

    David Ballantyne Smith, 57, was extradited from Potsdam, Germany, after being charged with nine offences under the Act.

    The security guard was working at the British Embassy in Berlin, whenhe was arrested by German cops on August 10 last year.

    He is accused of spying for the Russian state in the alleged offences between October 2020 and August 2021.

    German officials extradited the Brit back to the UK today following his arrest and he will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow.

    The nine charges relate to the collection and communication of information useful to the Russian state.

  • ‘Putin, and many of his cronies, hide their wealth, with family members’

    More now on why Putin’s secret daughters will be hit with sanctions.

    The US’ decision is based on the belief that ‘many of Putin’s assets are hidden with family members’.

    A senior administration official said: “We believe that many of Putin’s assets are hidden with family members, and that’s why we’re targeting them.

    “We have reason to believe that Putin, and many of his cronies, and the oligarchs, hide their wealth, hide their assets, with family members that place their assets and their wealth in the US financial system, and also many other parts of the world.”

  • New sanctions

    The UK has imposed sanctions on Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank.

    It’s also committed to ending all imports of Russian coal and oil by the end of 2022.

  • Anonymous ‘leaks nearly a MILLION Russian state network emails’

    Hacking group Anonymous claims to have leaked more than 900,000 Russian state network emails in a major attack.

    The email addresses are associated with Russia’s largest media corporation, that has been accused of spreading propaganda.

    The media company is known as the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK).

    VGTRK has been accused of spreading false information about the Ukraine war by multiple other media outlets and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

    The leaked emails have been shared with a journalist organization called the Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets).

    All the emails have also been also made public.

  • Putin’s ‘secret’ doctor and dancer daughters hit with sanctions

    VLADIMIR Putin’s secret daughters will be hit with sanctions in wake of their tyrant father’s horrific war crimes in Ukraine.

    Dr Maria Vorontsova, 36, a geneticist, and Dr Katerina Tikhonova, 34, a dancer-turned-mathematician, are being blackballed by EU leaders amid the Russian despot’s continuing atrocities.

    The 67-year-old head of state has always tried to keep his offspring out of the limelight and has rarely ever discussed them.

    But their dad’s denial has done little to keep them off the sanctions-hit list, with travel bans and asset freezes expected to come into force from Wednesday.

    The pair are said to have been thrown into the firing line due to the exposure of the horrors in Bucha and across Ukraine.

  • The mayor of Bucha recalls seeing people get shot

    The mayor of Bucha, Anatoliy Fedoruk, has spoken about the allegations of war crimes by Russian forces in his town.

    Anatoliy Fedoruk recalled hiding in a building from Russian troops during their occupation and says he witnessed the killings and people being ‘brutally shot’.

    Speaking to the BBC’s Newshour programme he said: “Currently we know there were 320 peaceful civilians shot dead by Russian occupiers and this figure is getting bigger.”

    He went on to say: “There was a pregnant woman. Her husband was screaming, asking for them not to shoot her, but they just brutally shot her.

    “So he had to bury her on the sideroad and instead of a cross [he] put the number plate of his car.”

    Bucha is now back under Ukrainian control.

  • Borodyanka horrors

    Borodyanka has been reduced to little more than a wasteland amid fears the death toll could be “worse than Bucha” after terrifying Russian airstrikes buried civilians beneath endless mountains of rubble.

    The small town just north-west of the capital was one of the first areas to be decimated after Vladimir Putin ordered his troops into Ukraine on February 24.

    Russian jets tore across the town, unleashing bombs from above as several apartment blocks crumbled – burying the dozens of people taking shelter in their apartments.

    More than 200 people are feared dead following the cruel shelling attacks according to acting mayor Gerogii Yerko, as heartbreaking pictures show distraught residents weeping as they walked through the destruction.

    Haunting drone footage reveals the sheer level of destruction in the one-street town with piles of debris surrounding the burnt-out remains of apartment blocks where people once lived.

  • Hungary PM asks for ceasefire

    Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, says he spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin at length earlier today.

    During their conversation he reportedly asked the Russian leader to put in place a ceasefire in Ukraine.

    He told a news conference that he’d invited Putin for peace talks in Hungary.

    He says Putin’s response was “positive, but with conditions”, but gave no further detail.

  • ‘We need to be prepared’ for the conflict to last a long time

    Jens Stoltenberg, Nato’s secretary general, is speaking in Brussels, where foreign ministers from the security alliance are gathering.

    He said: “We have seen no indication that President Putin has changed his ambition to control the whole of Ukraine and rewrite the international order.”

    He went on to say that the conflict in Ukraine may take a long time “and we need to be prepared for that”.

  • Russia’s slaughter of Ukrainians in Bucha ‘doesn’t look far short of genocide’,

    RUSSIA’S slaughter of innocent Ukrainians in Bucha “doesn’t look far short of genocide”, Boris Johnson said today.

    The PM vowed to retaliate after Putin’s forces mercilessly raped and murdered civilians – and left their mutilated corpses to rot in the streets.

    Haunting pictures of the long line of bodies and mass graves have moved the most horrified international response of the conflict so far.

    Joining the global condemnation, Mr Johnson said today: “I’m afraid when you look at what’s happening in Bucha, the revelations that we are seeing from what Putin has done in Ukraine doesn’t look far short of genocide to me.

    “It is no wonder people are responding in the way that they are. I have no doubt that the international community, Britain very much in the front rank, will be moving again in lockstep to impose more sanctions and more penalties on Vladimir Putin’s regime.”

  • Kremlin’s denial of war crimes

    Ukrainian reporter Evgeny Spirin spoke of the harrowing cruelty Putin’s men had inflicted upon civilians – specifically women and children.

    He said: “Some of the killed children had their arms tied up. Children…. They were tying up children. There were shot dogs. Killed women. Irpen, Bucha, Dmitrievka. How to live with this, and is it worth living at all? 

    “How do I explain this to myself, how? They must cease to exist. They must all be destroyed, each and every one of them, turned into dust, into mud, into clay, all of them.”

    The Kremlin has denied accusations its troops committed war crimes in Ukraine and have gone as far as trying to suggest chilling pictures of dead bodies strewn across Kyiv streets were staged by Ukraine and the West to discredit Putin.

    Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky fought back tears as he visited Bucha on Monday.

    The Ukrainian leader, who was visibly emotional, was flanked by security as he vowed to ensure that the “war crimes” committed by Russian soldiers on his country’s soil were “the last such evil on Earth”.

  • Ireland’s Leo Varadkar says Putin’s actions ‘will never be forgotten’

    Ireland’s deputy premier has warned Russia that its actions against the Ukrainian people will never be forgotten or forgiven.

    In a powerful speech to the Irish Parliament, Leo Varadkar said that through modern media, the world has seen the atrocities committed during the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

    He made the remarks following an historic address by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to a joint sitting of the Houses of the Oireachtas.

    Mr Varadkar said Mr Zelensky’s words “moved and inspired us and shamed us” and the rest of the world for not doing more sooner.

    In a direct message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, his government, diplomats, collaborators and his apologists across the world, Mr Varadkar said they have violated the human rights of the Ukrainian people.

    He added: “You have raped and defiled the very principles of common humanity which bind us together in peace and harmony. You have betrayed your own people and your own country’s rich history and culture, your own resistance to oppression over many centuries.”

  • Horrors of Borodyanka where Russian death squads slaughtered civilians

    HEARTLESS Russian death squads slaughtered civilians and even stopped rescuers from saving screaming victims as they annihilated a town close to Kyiv.

    Borodyanka has been reduced to little more than a wasteland amid fears the death toll could be “worse than Bucha” after terrifying Russian airstrikes buried civilians beneath endless mountains of rubble.

    The small town just north-west of the capital was one of the first areas to be decimated after Vladimir Putin ordered his troops into Ukraine on February 24.

    Russian jets tore across the town, unleashing bombs from above as several apartment blocks crumbled – burying the dozens of people taking shelter in their apartments.

    More than 200 people are feared dead following the cruel shelling attacks according to acting mayor Gerogii Yerko, as heartbreaking pictures show distraught residents weeping as they walked through the destruction.

    Read more here.

  • Ukraine-Russia war: The latest

  • Ukraine pleads for foreign allies to impose maximum sanctions

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on Wednesday said foreign allies must impose maximum sanctions on Russia and provide Ukraine with all the weapons it needs in order to prevent the war spreading to other countries.

    “The only way to avert Russian war expanding beyond Ukraine is to provide us with the fullest support. Maximum sanctions. All the weapons.

    “The policy of ‘not provoking (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’ has failed badly in past years,” Kuleba wrote on Twitter.

  • 50 former heads of state and Prime Ministers back call to try Putin for war crimes

    The number of heads of state and former prime ministers across the world backing calls for an international tribunal to try Vladimir Putin over the war in Ukraine has reached 50.

    A petition supporting the move has topped 1.5 million, it was revealed on Wednesday.

    Former UK prime minister Gordon Brown, one of those calling for a tribunal, said there had to be a “clear path” to bring the Russian leader to justice.

    Last week the United Nations human rights body appointed a commission to investigate accusations of war crimes committed in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and identify those responsible.

    The Justice for Ukraine campaign announced that 50 former world leaders have signed a proposal to create an international tribunal to try Mr Putin and those accountable for the crime of aggression.

    They said a trial, similar to the Nuremberg trials, would act in addition to war crimes investigations by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

  • Terrified Ukrainians desperate to flee to Britain ‘asked to wait’ by Home Office

    TERRIFIED Ukrainian families desperate to flee to Britain are being “asked to wait” by relocation scheme call centre staff, a whistleblower revealed last night.

    A Government helpline is taking 2,000 calls a day from sponsors and victims of war begging for updates on visa applications.

    But the Home Office’s UK Visas and Immigration division — which runs the Homes for Ukraine refugee scheme — has instructed swamped agents to fob them off.

    Only 15 staff members work each weekday, 8am to 8pm — despite the helpline being advertised as “24/7”.

    One man rang 27 times in one day pleading for information.

    The whistleblower told The Sun: “The call centre was meant to just be helping these poor people with their application forms — but that’s not happened.

    “In reality, we’re just answering calls from people and telling them to wait for someone to get in touch. It’s utter chaos and it’s just getting worse.”

  • Help those fleeing conflict with The Sun’s Ukraine Fund

    PICTURES of women and children fleeing the horror of Ukraine’s devastated towns and cities have moved Sun readers to tears.

    Many of you want to help the five million caught in the chaos — and now you can, by donating to The Sun’s Ukraine Fund.

    Give as little as £3 or as much as you can afford and every penny will be donated to the Red Cross on the ground helping women, children, the old, the infirm and the wounded.

    Donate here to help The Sun’s fund

    Or text to 70141 from UK mobiles

    £3 — text SUN£3
    £5 — text SUN£5
    £10 — text SUN£10

    Texts cost your chosen donation amount (e.g. £5) +1 standard message (we receive 100%). For full T&Cs visit redcross.org.uk/mobile

    The Ukraine Crisis Appeal will support people in areas currently affected and those potentially affected in the future by the crisis.

    In the unlikely event that the British Red Cross raise more money than can be reasonably and efficiently spent, any surplus funds will be used to help them prepare for and respond to other humanitarian disasters anywhere in the world.

    For more information visit https://donate.redcross.org.uk/appeal/disaster-fund

  • Twitter restrictions

    300 Official Russian government Twitter accounts have had their content limited including that of Putin.

    The accounts will no longer be recommended in timelines, notifications or elsewhere on the site, Twitter said.

    The accounts have previously been criticised for spreading misinformation during the Ukraine war.

    They have not previously been subject to specific moderation by Twitter.

    Twitter has been severely limited in Russia since the Ukraine invasion.

  • Britain will work with US and Australia on lethal hypersonic weapons

    Britain will work with America and Australia on new deadly hypersonic weapons to see off the threat of Russia and China.

    Leaders Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Scott Morrison dramatically stepped up their AUKUS defence pact yesterday by agreeing to work together on cutting-edge military gear.

    The new coalition was formed last year to share nuclear sub secrets, but was last night widened to include cyber warfare and futuristic space weapons.

    Hypersonic missiles bolt through the air five times faster than the speed of sound, making them near impossible to evade.

    But it risks a fresh row with Emmanuel Macron, who was memorably seething when Australia pulled out of a £65billion for France to build the subs in favour of new AUKUS pact.

    France goes to the polls this weekend, in a humiliating eve of polling blow for the struggling French President cut out of yet another new deal.

    AUKUS allies will also pool resources on counter hypersonic defences to protect against enemies with the high-tech missiles.

  • Russia releases video of Onyx missile attack on Ukraine

    The Russian Ministry of Defense has published footage of a missile attack by the Russian Armed Forces with precision-guided weapons on Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities. 

    The blow was struck from the Black Sea coast.

    According to the Ministry of Defense, the calculation of the Bastion DBK carried out the launch of two Onyx high-precision missiles at ground targets on the territory of Ukraine.

  • Pictured: Ukrainian soldier proposes to his girlfriend

    This is the heart-warming moment a Ukrainian soldier proposed to his girlfriend in front of sandbag wall in the street – leaving TikTok users in tears.

    The image, believed to show the port city, Odessa, was taken days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine began to focus efforts on shelling the city.

    In the clip, posted on 28 March, the couple walk towards each other in a street – where stacks of sandbags can be seen behind them.

    They embrace for a loving moment before the soldier drops down on one knee and proposes. 

  • Russia’s war in Ukraine ‘looks like genocide plotted from the top’

    Russia’s war in Ukraine increasingly looks “like genocide that is plotted from the top”, the former head of the British Army has said.

    Lord Dannatt told Sky News: “The war crimes are stacking up to the point that it looks like a concerted effort to reduce the Ukrainian population, and that is getting very close to the definition of genocide.

    “It’s absolutely right and proper that all these war crimes are being chronicled and evidence is being gathered.

    “It is looking to me increasingly like genocide that is plotted from the top. The top, therefore, must bear responsibility and maybe one day, even if not in a physical court but in a court of history, be condemned.”

    Lord Dannatt was unsure if Vladimir Putin or his senior generals would face trial, but added that it is still possible.

    He told the programme: “If you think back to the early, dark days of the Bosnian civil war, it seemed inconceivable that Milosevic (former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic) and Karadzic (Bosnian Serb former leader Radovan Karadzic) would find their way into court, but they did.

    “It became perfectly possible to trace what had happened on the ground all the way up to them through this concept of command responsibility such that they were convicted.”

Source: thesun

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