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‘Mourning ceremony’ held for the Moskva in Sevastopol

A moving “mourning ceremony” was held for the Moskva and its sailors in Sevastopol, its homeport, as relatives of the crew defied the Russian orders.

It was unofficial but there was no mention of the number who had died, yet it seemed clear from this sombre ceremony presided over by a priest that there had been a significant loss of life.

A wreath was placed by a Black Fleet statue which read: “To the ship and the sailors”.

It comes amid soaring fears that nukes might be on the sea bed after Ukraine’s hit on the vessel.

Anti-ship P-1000 “Vulkan” missiles, which are able to carry a nuclear warhead, were onboard the Moskva cruiser.

Earlier today Kyiv sources claimed the ship’s captain First Rank Captain Anton Kuprin, 44, went down with the ship after it was hammered by Neptune anti-ship missiles.

He “died during an explosion and fire on board the former flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation,” said Anton Gerashenko.

The official added: “We do not mourn.”

Other sources support the claim that Capt, Kuprin was killed.

Source: thesun

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