AG Marshall says no 'execution moratorium' in AL, but will not seek execution dates until he's confident in process

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said Monday there is no moratorium on executions in Alabama.

“There is no moratorium nor will there be on capital punishment in Alabama,” Marshall said.

Marshall says there are also no pending requests to the Alabama Supreme Court to set execution dates, and there won’t be until he has confidence in the process.

“We would not seek an execution date unless we were confident that in fact the execution could be carried out,” Marshall said.

This comes after three failed attempts by the Alabama Department of Corrections to carry out executions.

Marshall says he does not object to Gov. Kay Ivey’s call for a review of the process, and he hopes it will be done quickly.

“Because we have victims’ families right now that are asking the question of when we’ll be able to seek that next date. I need to be able to give them answers,” Marshall said.

This comes two weeks after Gov. Ivey requested his office pause seeking new execution dates until a ‘top-to-bottom’ review of the protocol is complete.

Ivey’s request was widely praised as a moratorium by groups who have called for reform at the ADOC.

“It was encouraging to have Gov. Ivey do something in response to what we’ve all recognized, that Alabama’s system of capital punishment is broken,” ACLU Alabama Senior Counsel Alison Mollman said.

Ivey’s office said in response to the AG’s remarks Monday the following:

“Governor Ivey wholeheartedly agrees with the attorney general that justice delayed is justice denied. That is exactly why two weeks ago, Governor Ivey swiftly moved to do a top-to-bottom review of execution protocol. Discussions have already begun, and Governor Ivey continues to welcome the attorney general’s team to be a part of this effort to deliver needed justice for victims.”

Marshall said he looks forward to conversations with Ivey on this issue.

Marshall says he has not personally spoken with Gov. Ivey on this issue since she made the request Nov. 21.

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