Biden's balloon BS insults Americans' intelligence and endangers us
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Is there anything Team Biden won’t drag ex-prez Donald Trump into as a butt-covering maneuver? 

In this case, the embarrassment was the Chinese spy balloon fiasco. And the butt-covering was the “leak” from a “defense official” that balloons-from-Beijing entered US airspace at least three times in the Trump years.

Except that Trump and a pack of top ex-Trump officials then all insisted they’d never been briefed on such incursions — and word came out that the incidents went undetected until the then-prez left office. 

So our Defense geniuses missed multiple earlier violations completely at the time. And on this round, they spotted the craft at some point, but Team Biden opted to keep it from the American public until regular citizens spotted it.

John and Jane Q. Public remain in the dark on a host of crucial questions:

  • When, exactly, did the balloon first enter US airspace? The official line says Jan. 28 — but why should we take our chronically dishonest intel establishment’s word for it? And why wasn’t the public widely alerted straight away?
  • Plus: When did the feds actually spot it? If it was Jan. 28, why wasn’t the commander-in-chief briefed until it reached Idaho on Jan. 31?

a large balloon drifts
The Biden administration opted to keep it from the American public until citizens noticed it.
Tyler Schlitt Photography
  • If the balloon required shooting down — as Biden seems to have immediately admitted — why did Team Joe first let it range more than 4,000 miles across the country? The administration’s argument, about risks from debris, holds zero water when huge swathes of that territory are so sparsely populated. 
  • Is it true that they took no action and kept it a secret for fear of derailing Secretary of State Tony Blinken’s now-postponed trip to China? 
  • If the claims about Trump-era incursions are true, why did neither the White House nor Pentagon make them public before Biden had his own spy-balloon crisis? Were our leaders that reluctant to “offend” China by letting the American people know that Beijing’s pulling this crap? Or afraid to admit that earlier balloons succeeded?

And last but not least:

Biden’s hacks owe the nation answers on all these questions — and pathetic attempts to just pin the blame on the last guy won’t cut it. 

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