Dave Rubin's Jaw-Dropping Walk Through Twitter HQ: Bans, 'Secret Labels', and What Elon Is Doing to Clean It Up
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I reported earlier that Twitter had suspended Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) from the platform for violating the policy against posting “graphic violence or adult content” in his profile picture. This was ridiculous since he posted a hunting picture with his wife, it was not at all graphic nor did it have any “adult content.”

It seemed clear that people on the left had likely mass-reported Daines because it was a hunting picture to which they objected.

But after many people, including senators and other GOP politicians, came to Daines’ defense, appealing to Twitter owner Elon Musk, Daines announced that he had been freed from Twitter jail by Musk.

Daines said that Musk personally called him, said he was reinstating his account, and that he was going to change policy as a result.

Musk announced that “this is being fixed.”

He noted that the “Policy against showing blood in profile pic is being amended to ‘clearly showing blood without clicking on the profile pic’. The intent is to avoid people being forced to see gruesome profile pics.”

But it was being used, wrongly as in the case with Daines, to satisfy someone’s anti-hunting position.

But Musk dealt with that as well.

“Going forward, Twitter will be broadly accepting of different values, rather than trying to impose its own specific values on the world,” Musk explained.

You would think this is a sentiment everyone would embrace. That’s all that conservatives have wanted and they celebrated that announcement.

But the left, who were used to controlling the narrative on the platform, flipped out about being “accepting of different values.” The left showed they truly don’t care about diversity of thought or free speech, only their thought. Welcome to “Everyone who disagrees with the liberal narrative is a Nazi/racist.”

So being accepting of other views is “fascist” to folks on the left. They think this, even as they tout themselves as the “tolerant” ones. What a twisted view of life they have.

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