Joe Biden's State of the Union Gets Off to a Rough Start, Kevin McCarthy's Face Is Priceless
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President Joe Biden is currently partaking in the most over-hyped, meaningless aspect of any presidency. Of course, I’m talking about giving the State of the Union address, a mind-numbingly irrelevant bit of theater where those politically inclined to do so treat the president like a laudable monarch.

Nothing tangible ever comes from these addresses, and that’s especially true when the person giving it is barely sentient, having presided over a disastrous first two years. As expected, Biden got off to a rough start.

The President of the United States, a man that is supposed to be quick on his feet, able to react decisively and dissect complicated situations, couldn’t make it past his first page of notes before screwing up. If that’s not a perfect illustration of the disaster that is the Biden administration, I don’t know what is.

Imagine being Chuck Schumer, having just won a hard-fought battle to actually gain seats in the Senate (helped by the epic failure of Republicans), and then having the president call you the “minority leader” because he’s not all there.

Eventually, whatever Biden’s handlers hopped him up with kicked in, though. That’s when the shouting started.

There are some politicians that can pull the energetic yelling thing off during a speech, but they are rare. Certainly, Joe Biden is not one of them, and when he goes into his Mussolini impression, it just comes across as brash and weird. The dude is talking about infrastructure. Why is he screaming and shaking his finger as if he’s having a seizure? Who is that appealing to?

And make sure to watch until the end of that clip because McCarthy’s face is just priceless as the president rounds out his fierce rant on…bridges and stuff. I promise the picture below isn’t just him in mid-blink. You could actually see the life being sucked out of the Speaker.

Pretty much anytime Biden went off script, at least as of this writing (he’ll probably be done by the time you read this), bad things happened. At one point, while attempting to make excuses for the massive inflation his policies helped cause, the president talked about how…refrigerators were laid off?

It looks like McCarthy is doing his best there to not roll his eyes in astonishment. Who could blame him if he did? How in the world did we end up with Joe Biden as president? It’s a question I often ask myself. Even forgetting the partisan divide of a general election, how did the Democratic Party allow him to even become their nominee? This was really the best they could do?

I’ll end with one last clip, which is just almost unbelievable.

The fact that Kamala Harris jumps up to give a standing ovation for something she obviously didn’t understand is just a chef’s kiss moment. That’s our government in a nutshell.

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