Little girl can’t stop pointing at her ‘new’ mom after being adopted
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There are very few things more adorable than watching a tiny cherub pre-schooler sing at their class concert.

Except, perhaps, when the child isn’t singing at all, but is doing something devastatingly heartwrenching and gorgeous, instead.

Foster mom Genevieve Taversy recently shared a clip of her daughter doing exactly that – and it’s the most beautiful thing we’ve seen in a while. 

“She kept pointing at me”

In the clip (which has been viewed 3.5 million times), Genevieve, who has 8000 followers and describes herself as “Foster Care Expert, Speaker, Writer, Personal Trainer and Life Coach”, is filming her daughter as she sings in her class concert.

But the adorable girl is not concentrating on singing. She can’t take her eyes of her mother, and she is clearly saying, “My Mommy,” whilst pointing at her.

Text over the clip reads, “This video was taken shortly after adopting my baby girl.

“Instead of singing, she kept pointing at me saying, ‘My Mommy’.

“So grateful I captured this beautiful moment.”

We are too!

The adorable video has since gone viral on TikTok.
The adorable video has since gone viral on TikTok.

“Most precious smile in the history of mankind”

Viewers of the viral clip fell in love with the moment.

“This is love. How many hugs did she get after this?” asked one.

“That’s the most precious smile in the history of mankind,” observed another.

A third added, “This might be the most pure and precious thing I’ve ever seen.”

Many viewers told Genevieve that she was a special person for adopting the little girl, with one writing, “As a birth mom, thank you to every woman who adopts and loves these babies so genuinely!”

Another wrote, “Omg this brought tears to my eyes. Every baby deserves a loving family. God bless you both.”

Genevieve, who has 8000 followers and describes herself as "Foster Care Expert, Speaker, Writer, Personal Trainer and Life Coach."
Genevieve, who has 8000 followers and describes herself as “Foster Care Expert, Speaker, Writer, Personal Trainer and Life Coach.”

Not everyone focused on the little girl

Many viewers noted and commented on the children being dressed in paper feather headdresses for a seemingly Thanksgiving-themed show.

“Such a sweet child, but the school putting on this show needs a stern talking to,” a viewer commented, referring to Native American cultural appropriation.

“I thought they stopped doing activities like this years ago,” added another.

But then there were so many who were interested in the adoption process, for example, this woman: “Was the last adoption process a good experience for you?

People were moved by the heartwarming clip.
People were moved by the heartwarming clip.

My husband wants us to adopt. I don’t know that we have what it takes to go through the process.”

And other adoptive parents were incredibly moved.

“I’ll say to you what my mom said to me after meeting my adopted son,” one wrote. “If you do nothing else in your life, you did enough.”

But this is our favorite comment, which nails what the clip is all about:

“Omg be right back, I’m going to adopt all the kids I can find.”

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