Man admits to breaking into 7 businesses, 6 with an SUV
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is under arrest and facing a long list of charges related to burglaries, vandalism, and thefts of property after police said he rammed an SUV into multiple storefronts.

Cordelra Jones is facing 18 charges ranging from burglary of a building and vandalism to theft of property $1000-$2500 as well as theft of property $10,000-$60,000.

Police responded to three incidents on February 1 where each business reported someone drove into the front of the stores. The next day, police responded to two more similar incidents at two different locations.

At the first location, on the 5300 block of Winchester, a store employee advised police that a man wearing a black jacket with stripes and with his hood up drove a black SUV through the front door of the business and stole several items. This location reported $20,000 in damages, $1500 in merchandise stolen and $50 in cash.

The second incident happened on the 3100 block of Mendenhall Road. MPD spoke to an employee and they advised a black Infiniti SUV drove through the front of the store. They described the suspect as wearing a black jacket with stripes and a hood. That store is said to have suffered $25,000 in damages to the front entrance as well as $24,400 in merchandise.

At the third location, MPD responded to a business burglary on the 3900 block of Jackson. When they arrived and spoke to an employee, they advised police a dark-colored SUV drove through the front of the store. They described a man wearing the same black jacket with stripes as well. The damages from this incident were listed at $20,000 in damage to the front of the store and $13,000 in missing merchandise.

On February 2, Memphis Police responded to three similar incidents off Getwell and Park Avenue.

The fourth business hit is located on the 1500 block of Getwell. A store employee advised police that a man wearing the same striped black jacket broke into the front glass of the store. They reported $1,600 in lost merchandise and $1,000 in damages to the door.

The fifth business damaged was located on the 3900 block of Park Avenue. There, the store employee advised police that someone drove a black SUV through the front of the business. They described the same appearance, a man wearing a black striped jacket with the hood up.

A sixth business, located on the 4000 block of American Way, reported a burglary that same day. The store employee said that a man wearing the same above-described outfit drove a black SUV through the front entrance. That store reported damages of $25,000 and $200 in lost merchandise.

On February 3, Memphis Police received a tip regarding a man wearing a black jacket with stripes on the hood that was driving a black Infiniti with severe damage to the front and back ends. MPD said the tip described a man trying to sell various items consistent with the previously mentioned burglaries.

While the man was inside the business on the 3400 block of Park Avenue, police arrived on the scene. MPD said that Cordelra Jones was arrested, read his Miranda Rights and admitted to the burglaries on February 1 and 2.

Jones is facing 6 counts of business burglary, 2 counts of theft of property $10,000-$60,000, 6 counts of vandalism $10,000-$60,000, and 4 counts of theft of property $1,000-$2,500.

Jones is currently being held on a $10,000 bond and is expected to appear in court on Monday, February 6.

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