NATO Sends Depleted Uranium Shells to Ukraine in Unprecedented Act of Escalation
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NATO, led by the United States and Britain, is delivering depleted uranium shells to Ukraine in an unprecedented act of escalation in the Eastern European territorial conflict. Depleted uranium shells are radioactive and known to cause massive outbreaks of cancer and birth defects while ruining the land that they detonate on and around for generations.


The delivery of armor-piercing, cancer-causing depleted uranium shells to Ukraine comes as NATO continues its escalation of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian Conflict. Far from an ordinary weapon of war, Uranium depleted munitions are part of the nuclear weapon family and are known to massively harm civilian populations. They could turn the contested Donbas region into a wasteland.

The UK’s defense minister, Annabel Goldie, mentioned none of this when boasting of the shells’ capabilities in an official response on the UK Parliament’s website to a question about the shipping of depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine.

“Alongside our granting of a squadron of Challenger 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, we will be providing ammunition including armour piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium,” Goldie wrote. “Such rounds are highly effective in defeating modern tanks and armoured vehicles.”

The delivery comes as NATO powers openly obstruct the possibility of productive peace talks between Russia and Ukraine and the shells are accompanied by Western-made tanks that NATO-trained Ukrainian soldiers will use to fire the depleted uranium shells.

Depleted uranium munitions were used in the Iraq War, and horrifying images available online document the life-altering and often fatal effects civilians face in their wake. In some cases, babies whose mothers were affected by the munitions are born with multiple extra limbs and other severe disfigurements.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke out against the delivery of the shells, warning that the United States, England, and NATO have crossed a red line and that “Russia will have to respond accordingly.”

“[England] announced not only the supply of tanks to Ukraine but also shells with depleted uranium,” Putin recently told the media.

“Russia will have to respond accordingly, given that the West collectively is already beginning to use weapons with a nuclear component,” he went on to say, ramping up concerns that NATO aggression could lead to the Russo-Ukrainian War going nuclear.

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The Western media has backed the delivery of the depleted uranium munitions, with Popular Mechanics ridiculously describing the delivery as “modest.”

Ironically, multiple Western media outlets have claimed that the Russians themselves are using depleted uranium munitions, calling it a war crime when accusing that nation of the same behavior that NATO is openly engaging in.

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