OC D.A. Todd Spitzer Sails to Victory, Signaling the Beginning of the End of the Soros-funded Criminal Justice Reform – RedState

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer sailed easily to victory on Tuesday, with 100 percent of precincts reporting and 64.10 percent of the vote. Spitzer’s heavily-funded Soros-backed opponent Peter Hardin did his best to overtake him, but the contrast between criminal justice reform and tough on crime policies was stark, especially in light of the exponential growth of crime, drug use, and homelessness that is plaguing California.

From Voice of OC:

Orange County’s Republican DA Todd Spitzer is on track to win re-election outright – trouncing his Democrat-supported opponent by a massive margin – while Democrats advanced to have a chance in November to take a majority on the powerful Board of Supervisors for the first time in decades.

Democrats had hoped to oust Spitzer with former prosecutor-turned-defense attorney Peter Hardin – who raised over $800,000 for the campaign.

Yet Spitzer generated a wide lead in vote counts, with 64% of the vote to Hardin’s 19% as of the 11 p.m. update on election night.

Spitzer overcame a series of controversies – including a judge ruling last week that he violated California’s racial bias law – as he hammered a message about protecting OC from LA-type crime.

“This election is about one thing – ensuring Orange County remains the safest major County in California, instead of being overrun by the same pro-criminal ideology that has destroyed Los Angeles and San Francisco,” Spitzer said in a statement reacting to his wide lead in election night results.

Has California had its fill of Soros-backed district attorneys and their warped criminal justice reform measures? If the Recall of Chesa Boudin is any indication, the answer is, “Yes.”

The campaign to recall San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was first considered a long shot. San Francisco had not recalled an elected official since 1983. But as crime, drug abuse, homelessness, and the soft-on-criminals policies of Boudin continued to unfold, and continued to have fallout, even the raving progressives and the champagne elite became fed up and decided it was time for him to go.

While votes are still being counted—as of today, 36 days worth—most surmise that Boudin pretty much has a fork in him. This fact should send chills down the spine of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón—if he has one. The campaign to recall George Gascón has reached 500,000 signatures and organizers say they are on pace to reach the 566,857 verified signatures needed to place the vote for recall on the November 2022 ballot.

Instead of newfangled ideas about fixing a broken system, Spitzer went old school: enforce the laws, prosecute criminals, protect the citizens. He blasted Gascón’s progressive policies and promised that if elected, he would keep Orange County from becoming a social experiment gone wrong.

His opponent was the typical WOKE D.A., preaching criminal justice reform that included diversion programs: a red flag to anyone who wanted a sensible and just prosecution of criminals. Along with independent watchdogs for police and ending the death penalty, all Orange County residents had to do was look at what was happening toward their north: 40 miles in Los Angeles, and 409 miles in San Francisco. When they saw the end result of the policies Hardin was peddling, they took a hard pass.

I have been talking about harbingers this primary that point to a red wave in November. Reform California’s Carl DeMaio is seeing similar signs:

After pouring over the Primary Election results this morning, I have some GREAT NEWS to share with you! Our hard work paid off!

First, WE DID IT! We achieved our top goal of advancing a Republican to the November Runoffs in EVERY STATEWIDE RACE!

Second, we are indeed detecting a “RED WAVE” in these numbers. Last night’s statewide media coverage got it wrong (no surprise) because the initial results reflected votes that skewed Democrat. As the Election Day votes were counted, Republicans across the state made significant gains. With more than 2 million ballots left to count statewide, we expect that trend to continue and Republicans to make even more gains.

The crime problem is not going away, especially with a governor who refuses to acknowledge it is happening, and installed district attorneys who actively champion criminals, while dismissing the victims. Californians want a restoration of law and order and an end to so-called justice reform and its subsequent fallout.

Todd Spitzer’s win, Chesa Boudin’s recall, and George Gascón looking at the same fate as his brother to the North are clear indicators that the siren song of criminal justice reform is being silenced.

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