Queens girl, 12, calls her moped muggers 'the worst human beings alive'

A 12-year-old Queens girl who was dragged along the sidewalk by a pair of moped-riding muggers said Monday she is still “really traumatized” — while calling the heartless crooks “the worst human beings alive.

“It’s scary to go out in the streets most of the time,” pre-teen Julie Montiel said outside her family’s Elmhurst home. “Kids should be safe … a lot of kids are getting hurt right now.

“They’re just the worst human beings alive just to put a 12-year-old girl in that position,” the seventh-grader said of her attackers — who swiped a gold, cross-pendant chain her mother gave her when she was little.

“It’s just, girls should feel safe.”

Chilling video of the Oct. 24 attack shows the cowardly crooks roll up on Julie on a red moped and grab the $1,800 chain around her neck.

Julie Montiel, 12-year-old victim.
Julie Montiel, 12, said she was traumatized by the moped muggers, who snatched her gold chain Oct. 24, dragging her along the sidewalk.
Matthew McDermott

Julie is then seen getting dragged by her neck down Layton Street, pulled by the pair of punks to the ground before they finally get up and speed off on their vehicle with her chain in hand.

They remain on the loose.

Julie Montiel 12, is robbed on Oct. 24.
Julie Montiel, 12, was dragged along the sidewalk by a pair of moped muggers.

“It happened fast, so I didn’t feel when I was dragged,” she said. “I only cared about the necklace. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. I didn’t feel the pain. It was more like I only felt the necklace being pulled off.”

Asked what she thought the thieves were going to do at that moment, she answered in Spanish, “That they were going to kill me.”

She said the necklace “was really special because I had it for a lot of years.

“I just think they’re disrespectful because I’ve never harmed someone in a way,” she said of her attackers. “So I don’t think I deserved that, you know?”

Julie said the thieves had been following her for several minutes before they rolled up and attacked her — and said her father and a young bystander later came to her aid.

Julie Montiel, 12, on right.
Julie Montiel, right, was robbed by two thieves on a moped Oct. 24.
Matthew McDermott

The victim said she was “really traumatized” by the attack, and her sister, Giselle Montiel, 14, said Julia couldn’t talk about the incident for days and ended up missing school.

“She went to get food, and that’s when she started to get followed,” Giselle said. “It’s just, anyone in the street nowadays. Even the ones who look harmless, they can be the most harmful people.”

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