POLL: 83% of Voters View Election Integrity as an Important Issue
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Last Updated on July 4, 2022

In Pennsylvania, Republicans are outpacing Democrats in voter registration at a rapidly increasing rate. Republicans are registering their voters at almost four times the amount as Democrats in the key battleground state, which projects to host one of the nation’s most competitive Senate races in November.

Republicans have focused on President Biden’s energy policies, as Democrats have sought to halt the state’s natural gas operations. Pennsylvania is home to one of the nation’s largest natural gas reserves.

In the suburbs of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, culture war issues such as leftist ideology in public schools have been a massive concern. A recent poll found that Trump, who lost suburban voters in 2020, now has an +8-favorability rating among the demographic.

Elections experts have long pointed to the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh suburbs as keys to flipping Pennsylvania red.

Based on the current trends, which were reported on by Reuters, Republicans are registering formerly Democratic voters at four times the rate that Democrats are making the reverse conversion.

This trend could give Republicans the boost they need to retake the Governor’s Mansion, and also hold onto a Senate seat that is open because of the retirement of Pat Toomey, a Republican.

Democrats still hold a slight registration advantage by about 600,000 voters, though that number has been steadily decreasing over the past few years. Republicans are hoping these numbers continue to trend their way and propel them to full control of the state’s government.

Currently, Republicans control the State Legislator while Democrats control the Governor’s Mansion. With key elections this November, as well as another Senate election in 2023, voter registration numbers could loom large.

2016’s election between Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty briefly held the title of most expensive Senate race in U.S. history.

This year’s PA Senate is projected to be just as tight, with current Lieutenant Governor
currently polling ahead of Dr. Mehmet Oz, who secured the GOP nomination after a tightly contested primary David McCormick and Kathy Barnette.

Biden narrowly carried Pennsylvania in 2020, according to official tallies, though vote counting continued in Philadelphia for days.

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