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Few things in this nation are as reviled and celebrated as the “diversity hire,” an undeniably racist, sexist, and bigoted way of choosing who does and doesn’t get a job.

The idea is pretty easy to grasp. If you’re white and you’re up against a someone of a different minority, sex, or identity, you’re probably going to lose out on that job because having someone in the room who isn’t white looks really good to a lot of different entities, such as the media, clientele, and even other businesses. It also allows for a sort of cover from accusations of racist practices by activists and politicians.

The long and short of it is that you might be denied a job strictly because you’re white and/or male, regardless of your talent, skill, or drive. Not only is this wrong from a moral stance that spits in the face of the “equality” that the left proclaims they cherish so much, but it’s also blatantly unconstitutional.

At some point, the issue has to be addressed in this country, and that’s exactly what Turning Point USA has decided to do.

TPUSA has teamed up with Stephen Miller’s America First Legal to address the “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) practices taking place from the job market to the college campus. The idea is to provide pro-bono legal representation to people who have been denied opportunities due to these “wildly abusive and plainly unconstitutional discrimination” practices.

“These policies are widespread, as virtually every university and college campus in America today has an office of ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,’” said Miller in a statement. “D.E.I. is simply a euphemism for a radically reductive and discriminatory ideology that judges, regards, categorizes, defines, and excludes people based solely on their skin color, sex, or sexual orientation. We at America First Legal are extraordinarily proud to partner with Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA to fight back.”

The duo cites Morgan Stanley as an example of a DEI offender, which has an internship called the “Freshman Enhancement Program,” billed as a program “designed to help diverse rising sophomores in college gain a better understanding of various business and career paths Morgan Stanley provides.” In order to take part in the program, Morgan Stanley stipulates that you be Black, Hispanic, Native American, or belong to the LGBT community.

This is a flagrant violation of federal law as it effectively rejects other races not listed out of hand, including Whites and Asians.

TPUSA CEO Charlie Kirk noted that he runs into victims of DEI policies almost everywhere he goes.

“When I’m on campus or at our national student events, I often ask for a show of hands for all those who have been discriminated against because they are not part of a protected class of people, and nearly every hand is raised,” said Kirk. “This is wrong. This is un-American. This is also illegal. America is founded on the principle that you are defined by your own character, by your own achievements, and by your own decisions. TPUSA is committed, along with AFL, to restoring this bedrock principle for all Americans regardless of what they look like or where they come from.”

It’s highly likely that the left will attempt to counter this with accusations of racism, but it’s not clear that the diversity hire practice is, itself, a clear practice in racism and likely won’t survive long in the higher courts. Rest assured, entire social campaigns will be raised against this move by TPUSA and AFL and things are going to get nasty.

But things always get nasty when you try to take power away from the authoritarians.

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