Trump Illinois rally: Thousands gather at Adams County Fairgrounds to see the former president endorsing Congresswoman Mary Miller
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QUINCY, Ill. (WLS) — Thousands of people have been gathering outside Quincy all day Saturday in anticipation of a rally with former President Donald Trump.

He is in Illinois to support Congresswoman Mary Miller in her reelection bid.

However, Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey also hopes to get a last-minute endorsement.

The Adams County Fairgrounds transformed into Trump-land for the former president, who is still very popular in this part of Illinois.

The crowd coming to see him has been building all day.

While his congressional endorsement is important, it’s the possible GOP governor’s race endorsement that could seal the nomination for Darren Bailey.

The line to get in started forming early and by mid-afternoon, it stretched hundreds of yards deep, with some supporters wondering if they would even get inside the event.

“Yes we will get in, I have hope we will get in. But I don’t know if we’ll get a seat but it doesn’t matter, I just wanted to be here today,” said Ashley McDonald, Robinson Illinois.

The rally is drawing thousands, creating a sea of red outside the venue.

Trump’s endorsement to the 15th district congressional candidate could make a difference in the tight race will fellow incumbent Rodney Davis.

It’s the intrigue around the GOP race for governor that is still playing out, with Darren Bailey still waiting on word of a coveted endorsement, with rumors swirling both ways.

WATCH: Vote 2022: The race for Illinois governor: The Republican debate

“I’ve heard those same rumors, so we’d love it if it would happen, but if it doesn’t we’ll work — on as we always do,” said Darren Bailey, (R) candidate for governor.

Gary Rabine, another GOP hopeful, is working the crowd. His bus was kicked off the fairgrounds and supporters were told to cover their t-shirts if they want to get in the rally.

Rabine said Trump was close to endorsing him but it was blocked at the last minute.

“If he’s endorsing somebody, you know, it might be Darren Bailey. If it is, he’s endorsing Pritzker’s candidate. Pritzker wants Darren Bailey to win, he’s the easiest person for Pritzker to beat,” Rabine said.

Governor JB Pritzker sounded like a potential presidential candidate, attacking Trump in a pre-rally tweet.

“Whether motivated by ego or downright malice, Donald Trump continues to lie with impunity about the results of the 2020 election,” Pritzker said in the campaign video.

Still firmly on his side, some Trump supporters camped out starting Friday morning.

“I thought, well, it’s my chance to see the president of the United States. I want to see him, that’s why I’m here,” said Matthew Dobey, of Quincy.

They, and many others, are gunning to see Trump run again in 2024.

“Absolutely. He was, is, was the best president,” said Karen Kern, of Quincy.

Donald Trump is scheduled to go on stage at 7 p.m. There are about 2,400 chairs set up inside, plus bleachers and lots of standing room, and people are still coming in despite the heat index over 100 degrees. So far, there have been no reports of any medical emergencies.

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