Who Plays Rowdy on ‘Yellowstone’? Meet Kai Caster

Warning: Spoilers for Yellowstone Season 5 ahead.

There’s a new cowboy causing trouble in Yellowstone Season 5, and he’s aptly named Rowdy.

Though Season 5 marks our first time meeting the Dutton ranch worker, played by Kai Caster, he technically technically isn’t new. Rowdy worked at the ranch alongside John, Lloyd, Rip, and the old bunkhouse crew back in the day. And in Season 5, we catch glimpses of him in flashbacks — starting in the premiere, “One Hundred Years is Nothing.”

Considering how frequently the show is utilizing flashbacks this season, we have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Rowdy. So let’s get to know him a bit, shall we? Who exactly is Rowdy on Yellowstone? And what do we know about Kai Caster, the actor who plays him? Here’s everything you need to know about Caster and his Yellowstone character.

Who Is Rowdy on Yellowstone?

Though Rowdy is still largely a mystery to Yellowstone fans, we know he has a beard, loves to rock a jean jacket, and has quite the crush on teenage Beth (Kylie Rogers). It seems like Rowdy acts as somewhat of a mentor to teenage Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein), but it’s also clear that Rip isn’t thrilled by the cowboy after he hooks up with Beth in the Season 5 premiere. For those who need a refresher, Rowdy was the cowboy who drove Beth back to the ranch after Rip ditched their date and headed home alone. Rip waited up for Beth that night, but when Rowdy drover her back to the ranch, she got out of the car and kissed him to make Rip jealous. Teen Beth then invited Rowdy into the back seat of his truck, where they presumably hooked up.

Kai Caster riding a horse on 'Yellowstone'
Photo: Paramount Network

We see Rowdy again throughout flashbacks in Season 5, and in Episode 5, he tries to kiss young Beth goodbye in front of her dad before the bunkhouse rides off to tend to the cattle. Beth shuts down his PDA and walks over to teenage Rip to tell him to be careful on the ride.

Though Rowdy was clearly once an important part of John Dutton’s inner circle, we have yet to see him in present-day, which makes us wonder what exactly happened to him. Was there more to his relationship with Beth? Why did he leave the ranch? And do the frequent flashbacks and Beth’s decision to repeatedly bring up her and Rip’s past mean we could see Rowdy return to the ranch as an adult? Only time will tell. For now, let’s learn more about the guy who portrays Rowdy on screen.

Who Plays Rowdy on Yellowstone? Meet Kai Caster

Kai Caster, who plays Rowdy in Yellowstone flashbacks, is a 23-year-old actor who kickstarted his career in 2007. Per his IMDb page, Caster has appeared in popular television series and films over the years, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, House of Lies, New Girl, Shameless, American Horror Story, Magnum P.I., and more.

Caster currently has 11,000 Instagram followers, but those numbers are sure to grow during Yellowstone Season 5 and as more people start watching the show. As we said, we have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of young Rowdy yet.

New episodes of Yellowstone premiere Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET on Paramount Network.

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