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A violent 11-year-old girl has been terrorizing unsuspecting people in Boston, roaming the streets with a crew of other violent juveniles — but while police know all about the young girl, authorities can’t do much because of her age.

Say what?

A particular group of juveniles has been responsible for several violent, unprovoked attacks in the city in recent weeks, WFXT-TV reported. Last month the group attacked an 81-year-old man and covered him with whipped cream inside a Downtown Crossing McDonalds, WFXT said. Also last month, the same juveniles kicked and punched a woman — calling her a “white b***h with braids” — in the same area.

Toward the end of its video report, WFXT said several teens were charged in both incidents — except for a girl who is only 11 years old.

Then on Wednesday night, two students from Suffolk University in Boston were physically attacked on Boston Common by the same group of teens, WFXT said.

Police believe the main instigator in the attack was that same 11-year-old girl, the station said.

What are the details?

At 6:30 p.m. the teens were harassing a woman and her child near the Earl of Sandwich shop on the common, and two Suffolk students tried to help, WFXT said.

“As the woman walked away the group began swearing at her,” according to a police report, the station said.

With that, the Suffolk students told the teens to leave the woman alone — and then the teens took aim at the students, WFXT reported.

“At this point the slim, black juvenile female began punching [her] and knocked her glasses off her face,” the police report said, according to the station. “She then stepped on her glasses before punching her again.”

One of the students shot video of the incident, WFXT said, adding that police identified the main instigator as an 11-year-old and said she’s well known to officers and is responsible for terrorizing unsuspecting citizens of downtown Boston. WBZ-TV reported that police identified the girl because of the recorded video.

But because of her age, the 11-year-old girl won’t be formally charged — just issued a summons, WBZ-TV reported. Investigators said they cannot prosecute anyone under the age of 12, WBTS-CD said.There were were five juveniles in the attacking group on the commons consisting of kids no older that 14, WBZ said.

As you might guess, Suffolk students and local business owners are nervous.

“This is my first semester in Boston,” Emma Fairfield, a new sophomore at Suffolk, told WFXT. “So, hearing about some of this stuff is kind of scary.”

Christopher Tinney, general manager of Earl of Sandwich, added to the station that knowing the time that this latest incident occurred on a Wednesday evening, it could easily “happen on a Friday or a Saturday night or any week from now on, and that is kind of scary.”

Madison Amaral, also a Suffolk sophomore, also told WFXT that he and other students “walk home in groups and stuff, always ready with our phones.”

Yet another attack by the same group

The station said new video shows the same group of juveniles terrorizing Silvertone’s restaurant in Downtown Crossing in late March. Citing a police report, WFXT said the teens demanded drinks and shouted at customers — and one teen even pulled a knife on a witness.

While the owner got the teens out, they returned and smashed the front doors, leaving shards of glass all over the floor, the station said.

Source: TheBlaze

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