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BREAKING: Explosions heard in Ukraine capital as Putin announces Russian military operation


    ‘You declared war’: Ukraine ambassador confronts Russia’s representative at U.N.


  • As people of Kyiv wake up to ‘sound of booms’ in distance, warning sirens in city quiet


  • Biden condemns Russia’s ‘unprovoked and unjustified attack’ on Ukraine


  • Blasts heard in Ukrainian capital city Kyiv after Putin announces military operation


  • Vindman rips GOP ‘cheerleading’ Putin: They will own this when blood flows


  • Who killed Malcolm X?


  • Ukraine set to enter state of emergency


  • Taiwan tension with China compared to Ukraine & Russia


  • Trump Legal Nightmare Ends? Top Prosecutors Bolt Criminal Case in NY


  • What’s with Trump’s praise of Putin?


  • Republican flips Jacksonville City Council seat in swing county


  • Full Panel: Democrats divided over response to Russian conflict


  • Negotiators in ‘final stretch’ of agreeing on new Iran nuclear deal


  • Rep. Houlahan: Putin ‘wins’ with division, US must show ‘unity’


  • ‘All of a sudden, boom’: Richard Engel gets caught in shelling in Eastern Ukraine


  • ‘We cut off elites’ in Russia, says Treasury official on new sanctions


  • The breakdown of trust in institutions began in 2000, argues author


  • ‘Our democracy…independence is at stake,’ warns Belarusian opposition leader


  • ‘Every organization in the U.S. is at risk’ of a Russian cyber attack, warns DHS


  • Panetta: We can’t allow a tyrant to invade democracies. Did we learn nothing from WW2?


Watch live MSNBC coverage as Russia moves military forces into Eastern Ukraine, capping weeks of military buildup and diplomatic efforts at avoiding war and setting up a military conflict in Europe not seen since World War II.

Source: This post first appeared on NBC News

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