WE asked Sun readers on our Facebook page: Should Boris Johnson resign over the Downing Street parties? Surprisingly they were split 50/50.

Many say his mistakes matter less than his achievements. Do you agree? Tell facebook.com/TheSunNews or email [email protected]

We asked Sun readers if Boris should resign over partygate - and their answers may surprise you


We asked Sun readers if Boris should resign over partygate – and their answers may surprise youCredit: AFP

LINDA: No. He’s done a very good job. Of course, he made mistakes but he’s done his best and that’s all any of us can ask of him.

REGIS: Yes. He’s a “king in a castle” partying like a pig while people outside are struggling. So disconnected with people it’s shameful.

JUNE: No. Poor man can’t do right whatever he does.

CHRIS: Yes. I work in a care home. We stayed away from our families to prevent putting residents at risk — all while he was having drinks.

RONNIE: No. The staff were all working in No10 during the lockdowns and I see no reason why they couldn’t go in the garden.

PATRICK: Yes. I worked in lockdown and never broke the rules because Boris said “we were all in it together”.

MARGARET: No. I’m sure a lot of people broke the rules. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones. But I’m sure there were many parties going on too.

TRACY: No. If he has to go everyone at the party has to go. Who the hell would like to step into his shoes at this time? No one.

STEPH: No. I voted for this man when we were looking for someone to lead us out of Brexit. If it wasn’t for Boris and his team we’d be in a much worse place.

ELAINE: Yes. He says it was a work event. Could we bring booze to a work event? I think not. He’s supposed to be running our country and should practise what he preaches.

STANLEY: No. He’s done a wonderful job and I’ll vote for him. Why judge him for the party? Let’s talk about the good work he’s done.

JANE: Yes. Everyone else at the parties should resign too. They’re all a disgrace.

JEAN: No. We’ve no one to take his place. He’s done more than Labour would have ever done. Leave Boris alone. Stop the witch hunt.

IAN: No. Who’d replace him? Are we going to throw every PM to the sword for every misdemeanour?

BRENDA: Yes. He is a liar and his feeble excuses are an insult to people suffering at that time.

Doctor not surprised by ‘weak’ PM apology as bereaved families let rip at Boris for taking them for ‘fools’ after No10 party apology

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