We're Taking Back Joe Biden's Hometown District
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The road for Republicans to take back the House starts in President Biden’s hometown district, Trump-endorsed Pennsylvania congressional hopeful Jim Bognet told Breitbart News Saturday, noting that the “shellacking” will send a shockwave through the country and show Americans that the America First agenda is alive and well.

Bognet, who is running in Pennsylvania’s eighth congressional district — a critical district where the GOP could take a seat back from Democrats — said he is the best candidate to take on Democrat Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA) in the general election, explaining that he has worked for America First values for years.

“I’ve worked for President Trump and his administration. I’ve been fighting for America first values for years. I was endorsed by President Trump. … I want to build the wall. I want to finish the wall that President Trump started building. I want to make China pay. China has been killing us, and I’m running against the guy, Matt, who was a Democrat on Hillary Clinton’s ticket in 2016,” he said, referencing primary challenger Mike Marsicano.

“This guy is a Hillary Clinton supporter masquerading as a Republican, and we’re going to beat him and then we’re gonna go on to beat Cartwright who you know, just this week has flip-flopped and he used to say he was pro-life. Now he says he’s pro-abortion,” he said, making it clear that Americans need to stop the “lunatics” destroying the country.

“And it starts with taking back Joe Biden’s hometown congressional district here in Scranton,” he said, adding that Trump predicted Bognet would “kick Joe Biden’s butt in his home district.”

Bognet added that the race is about more than just the primary map. It is about “firing Nancy Pelosi, standing up to Chuck Schumer,” and standing against the left’s radical agenda.

“My opponent Cartwright in the general, he voted for $1200 stimulus checks for illegals,” he said. “We have to stand up to that. So this is bigger than me as an individual.”

“It’s about winning back the House for the America First agenda and stopping Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Matt Cartwright from destroying America, and that all can start in Biden’s hometown,” he said.

Bognet talked about the impact flipping Biden’s hometown district would have on the country, predicting that the “shellacking” is going to send a massive message that the America First agenda is alive and well and that it is, indeed, “taking back the White House in 2024.”


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