A course in Jive Dancing entices potential participants with the promise of fancy footwork
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WFH civil servants are offered online ‘feel-good seminars’ on the history of sex toys, home brewing, make up for men and how to jive

  • Courses are being offered to DWP civil service staff who are working at home
  • Seminars include a lecture looking at the history of sex toys through the ages
  • Another is home-brewing course for those cannot be bothered to got to the pub 

Seminars on sex toys, home-brewing and instructions on how to jive are being offered to civil servants who are still working from home.

Details on the online workshops have been sent out to Department for Work and Pensions staff.

Chances to join in with the ‘feel-good’ seminars have been offered to hundreds of the employees, 73 per cent of whom are still working from home.

The most eyebrow-raising is 45 minutes long and entitled The History of Sex Toys.

It describes itself as a ‘titillating time-warp through Ancient Greece via the Victorians, female emancipation, the HIV/AIDS crisis, up to modern day’.

Next-up is the hour-long Make-up for Men, which promises participants ‘Watch as Esther transforms Chris from Work Coach to pop star – and hopefully learn a few make-up tips along the way’.

And also on offer is a course in Jive Dancing which entices potential participants with the promise of fancy footwork.

It declares: ‘Always fancied learning to dance but depressingly aware of your two left feet?

A course in Jive Dancing entices potential participants with the promise of fancy footwork

A course in Jive Dancing entices potential participants with the promise of fancy footwork

The Home Brewing seminar promises an 'interactive class' to 'learn some of the basics'

The Home Brewing seminar promises an ‘interactive class’ to ‘learn some of the basics’

‘Then welcome to modern jive-dancing for people who… dance.’

Those who want to leave the house also get a 45-minute seminar they can attend – although learning to do something not suitable for work.

The Home Brewing seminar says ‘If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to home brew rather than trek to the pub, then take a look at this interactive class and learn some of the basics.’

A report in The Sun also claims there are sessions for up to 500 workers at two DWP Jobcentres in Bournemouth.

The hour-long Make-up for Men seminar, promises participants some 'tips along the way'

The hour-long Make-up for Men seminar, promises participants some ‘tips along the way’

They also include poker, salsa dancing and Korean 101 and staff are able to take ‘as many sessions’ they want as appointments were not hit.

Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg has been leading a push to get civil servants back in the office, including making surprise visits and leaving passive-aggressive notes.

He has voiced ‘suspicions’ that many are choosing to work from home on Mondays and Fridays as they think ‘the working week is shorter than the reality is’.

The Cabinet minister has also threatened to check attendance rates against Met Office weather reports, hinting some officials were choosing not to come into the office on sunny days.

Boris Johnson also reckons people end up obsessively grazing from the fridge while working from home.

A DWP spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘These proposed sessions were not approved by DWP management.

‘They have not been – nor will they be – delivered to staff.’


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