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In astrology, you may have heard of the cusp, which is the very end and the very beginning of a zodiac season. A planet can only be in one zodiac sign at a time, however, so a Scorpio is still a Scorpio, a Capricorn is still a Capricorn, and so on. But if you did enter the world between August 19 and August 25, it is said that you are on the Leo-Virgo cusp, and you may feel some energy from both of these signs. 

This cusp, in particular, is known as the Cusp of Exposure, as there is the outgoing Leo side and the more reserved Virgo side. Additionally, Leo is an intense fire sign ruled by the sun, while Virgo is a patient earth sign influenced by Mercury.

That may sound like total opposites colliding, but when these traits all come together in just the right way, magic can happen. These details can be used for cuspers to learn more about their attitudes, strengths, weaknesses, relationships, careers, and beyond. 

The Leo-Virgo Cusp Personality

Zodiac signs. The astrological sign of the zodiac is Leo, against the background of outer space. Illustration.

What a Leo-Virgo cusp means is that a person does have a fiery personality, full of charisma, lighting up the room, and naturally leading others. This cusper also takes the time to think things over and has a detailed vision that will be followed through, courageously yet cautiously.

When these types are balanced and on their A-game, their biggest strengths will shine: They are hardworking and confident, and even when there are doubts and struggles, they will put all of themselves into their goals and dreams. Since people are drawn to them and since they are so full of ideas, these types are usually boss babes, activists, coordinators, or teachers. No matter their jobs or plans, Leo-Virgo cuspers will do whatever it takes for success—from being the face of a brand to handling tiny and tedious tasks. Furthermore, they shine in all of these areas and enjoy roles, big and small, as they are able to utilize even more of their strengths. 

Astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss summed up these individuals in Well+Good, saying, “they love the spotlight but also understand that backstage precision is essential for a perfect show.” And when the show is over, women on the Leo-Virgo cusp will shift their determination and passion over to their social lives, as they work hard and play hard! The life of the party? The person planning an Instagram-worthy vacation? Those personalities in your life may live on this cusp.

The Love Life Of A Leo-Virgo Cusp

Zodiac signs. The astrological sign of the zodiac is Virgo, against the background of outer space. Blurred background. Illustration.

When it comes to the love life of someone on the Leo-Virgo cusp, they are equipped with the best of both worlds.

On one hand, they have fierce Leo, bringing the heat and the excitement to the relationship. In addition, they have observant Virgo, being attuned to a partner’s needs.

When people in this group are romantically involved with another soul, they will provide a bold and vibrant devotion, and they will make sure all of the boxes are checked, as they go over and beyond to show their love. 

What does a woman on the Leo-Virgo cusp need, though? Their partners will need to understand their demanding and driven ways, as well as their quiet and thoughtful moods. Their lovers will need to be flexible, as well as ready for anything because remember: When work time is over, those on the cusp of Leo and Virgo are ready to let their hair down and have a good time.

The Downsides And Upsides Of A Leo-Virgo Cusp

(Mio Buono/Shutterstock.com)

As mentioned, the Leo-Virgo cusp meaning involves individuals who are fierce and hardworking—two of the most positive traits found in these signs. Others include that these cuspers are:

However, a Leo-Virgo cusper has some not-so-great attributes, as well, as they can be:

  • Controlling, abusing their leadership skills and influence 
  • Critical, as they start to expect too much perfection from themselves and from others 
  • Know-it-alls, since their intelligence can go to their head 

This is why it is important for these types to keep their two influencing signs in check; that way, they can take the Leo energy and the Virgo energy and direct it towards following through on ambitious plans and achieving even more success.

Most And Least Compatible Signs For The Leo-Virgo Cusper


Those born on the cusp can learn more about compatibility, using information about these signs to discover what other signs to consider and to avoid.

For instance, someone on the Leo-Virgo cusp needs a significant other who understands their busy schedule, their demanding work, and their studious ways. Air signs can be adaptable, and earth signs could help those in this category embrace their reserved sides more. Therefore, consider being with:

  • Virgo, a detail-oriented and dedicated earth sign
  • Libra, a cozy and connected air sign

While a fire sign could relate to the energetic Leo-Virgo cusper, this might be too much … more than one relationship could handle! Sure, it would be thrilling, but big and bright vibes like this can clash, especially if they are together all the time, live together, bring kids into the mix, and so on. So, when it comes to love, think before going all-in with:

  • Aries, a spontaneous and impulsive fire sign
  • Sagittarius, an outspoken and assertive fire sign

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