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Pat Sajak is always getting headlines for the wrong reasons. The Wheel of Fortune host is in the news for a strange question he asked Vanna White. Here’s what happened.

The Sacred Ritual

Every episode of Wheel of Fortune ends with a bit of banter between White and Sajak. Their chemistry and friendship are key reasons for the longevity of the program. After 30 years together, you’d think they would have exhausted every conversation, but Sajak would beg to differ.

The April 13 edition saw winner Ashley Fabian take home $67,410 in a commanding performance. Fabian is a professional opera singer, which evidently caused Sajak to have opera on his mind. He asked White, “Are you an opera buff at all?” She responded, “Yes. I’m not a buff, but I like opera.”

Here’s where Sajak made headlines. He responded, “Have you ever watched opera in the buff? I’m just curious.” Oof. It was an awkward moment for everyone involved.

Two Sides To The Coin

In Sajak’s defense, the two were talking about opera and he was doing some wordplay. In defense of critics, this is an incredibly inappropriate question to ask of a female colleague. Complicating matters is the recent death of White’s father last week. Episodes are taped months in advance, however, so there was no way of knowing these two events would coincide.

The taped nature of the program raises an interesting point, however: why wouldn’t an editor take this out? Surely there are thousands of other clips of White and Sajak talking that the program could have fallen back on. It’s surprising that this weirdly off-color joke could sneak into a live airing.

Just His Way

If you regularly follow Sajak, then this joke won’t shock you. He’s always saying weird things and cracking odd jokes. Tabloids have noticed too, and there are numerous stories citing his gaffes as cause for dismissal.

The Globe reported that Sajak felt embarrassed by the producers and wanted to quit the show. It doesn’t seem like Sajak is embarrassed very much, so this story was false. Another outlet claimed Sajak’s numerous gaffes would cause his dismissal. Nope, he’s still at the lectern.

Sajak’s erratic behavior is nothing new, but it’s just his sense of humor. His Twitter is often a strange place to visit, but it’s unabashedly him. We seriously doubt this opera joke will lead to any formal consequences, but it sure was an odd thing to say.

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